About Us

About Us


Crowdinvesting is an excellent example of modern online technologies revolutionizing the very nature of basic human transactions. With the surge of interest in crowdinvesting earlier into the decade, stakeholders and companies have gained a place where they can come together and form more direct and profitable relationships. The result is mutually beneficial collaborations that cater to their collective interests, without the need for intermediaries and third-party services. With crowdinvesting, businesses and investors are no longer beholden to the interest of governments and banks.

The goal of TFGcrowd is simple: make crowdinvesting simpler, more transparent, and as safe as possible for our business and investor partners. We do this by providing services that carefully target the interests of entrepreneurs and stakeholders, and by offering a platform for collaboration that maximizes the gains for all parties involved. So whether you’re a business looking for financing solutions, or an investor looking for promising projects to take part in, TFGcrowd has something to offer you.

If you wish to invest in businesses you trust, you deserve the opportunity to invest in or lend directly without being weighed down by intermediaries and hidden costs and conditions. And if you’re a startup, you deserve the chance to give wings to your business ideas without being tied to a costly and time-consuming financing process. That is what TFGcrowd is all about.

Safe, Profitable Investments

At TFGCROWD, you can begin investing on any of our featured businesses starting from just €100.00, all with extremely attractive interest rates. If you’re investing, TFGcrowd will not charge you any fees, nor are there hidden costs charged to you down the line. All costs pertinent to your investment will be shouldered by the company you’re investing in.

At the moment, TFGcrowd offers the following types of crowdinvesting investments: 

  • Business Loans
  • Business Shares
  • Invoice Finance
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Trade Finance

Crowd-Powered Capital

TFGCROWD allows you to close the gap between your project goals and your project funds quickly by harnessing the power of the crowd. You no longer need to be at the mercy of banks that only look out for the interests of big companies. TFGcrowd is built to help startups and early- and middle- stage growth companies achieve their vision through a reliable and effective means of funding.

Our solutions are tailored to your structure and need. Whether it’s short-term loans to fund for a new project or long-term financing services to secure capital for your growth, TFGcrowd will give you customized and optimized solutions to address your situation. Just fill out our online application form, and we will get in touch with you at the nearest time.

Begin your crowdinvesting journey with TFGcrowd today. Handsome rewards and marvelous possibilities await.

*TFGcrowd works under the jurisdiction of Estonian law.