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For smaller players, traditional bank lending has become increasingly inaccessible. The last financial crisis has changed the nature of lending regulations and tilted the preferences of banks in favor of financing large corporations. This has significantly delimited access for early-stage companies and individual entrepreneurs since, for whom the loan process has become unnecessarily complicated, time-consuming, and unpredictable. It isn’t too uncommon these days to see good companies with a novel, market-changing ideas get inferior credit offers or get rejected.

And that’s how crowdfunding has made an enormous difference. By creating a venue where people with outstanding, novel, and creative ideas can secure direct funding for their projects, crowdfunding has become one of the primary drivers that help revolutionize entire industries and foster innovation to technologies that steer markets to new, exciting directions today.

Crowdfunding itself represents a disruption, and one of such immense significance: by eliminating the need for traditional bank lending, this fast-growing industry has allowed entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors to bypass the need for financial intermediaries, creating direct connections between companies and their stakeholders.

TFGcrowd takes crowdfunding for companies to a whole new level: by making our platform strictly for investments of a practical nature, we offer services streamlined to the needs of both entrepreneurs seeking funding and investors seeking to entrust their money to businesses they believe in. With TFGcrowd, you have a platform for reaching potential investors dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: securing funding for your business.