Meet the team

Emil Kerimov

Executive Chairman & Founder

Natalja Nikitina

Commercial Officer

Elans Dimitrijevs

Business Development Partner

Vladislavs Ovcarovs

Technology Officer



It is our strong belief that nowadays everyone can become a successful investor!

Our team of experienced professionals have established themselves as trusted partners in various business fields throughout our group companies across Europe. TFGcrowd is the newest addition to our group, which already includes:

Our belief that ease of access to funding can either make or break a business, combined with the technological possibilities of today, led to the creation of TFGcrowd. Aiming to improve accessibility of funding for small to medium sized businesses by bringing them directly to the investors, is at the core of TFGcrowd.

We believe in the companies and projects looking to raise finance through our platform so much, that we invest up to 50% of the funds that they require from our own funds, therefore sharing any of the risks of investment with any other investors through our platform.