Alan Logistics GmbH: Their Journey to Success

Alan Logistics GmbH: Their Journey to Success


With Alan Logistics GMBH at the helm of your overseas transactions and logistics, everything is always smooth sailing.

Alan Logistics GMBH is a premier trade & finance logistics company that helps companies from all over Europe manage their capital through fair financing. By providing their client companies with a means to bridge their cash flow, the latter can continue their operations without any of the drawbacks that may come from significant capital investments.

Major purchases or delayed payments can put any company without significant capital in trouble

says Elnur Huseynov, director of Alan Logistics. “We soften the impact of significant investments by fronting clients up to 85% of the amount stated on their invoice and collecting the payment in your stead afterward. After deducting a small fee, they return the remainder of the payment to their clients so they can go on business as usual.”

Since its founding in 2011, Alan Logistics has rapidly grown into one of the most reputed names in the trade and finance industry. Today, it secures business across the continent and is known industry-wide as a reliable partner when it comes to world-class transportation and financing services.
The company sought to bolster its working capital to provide better financing options for their clients. “Financing takes significant capital, and we’re always trying to look for investors interested in the company’s profitable equities. I got acquainted with equity crowdfunding just last year, and I thought that it would us secure our initial funding goal of 100,000€. After spending some time weighing my options, I concluded that I stood to gain more and had better odds with TFGcrowd. I wasn’t wrong.”

After partnering with TFGcrowd, Alan Logistics was able to meet their first round of funding with flying colors, enabling them to buttress their working capital in just a few weeks after their campaign launched. “Honestly, we were dumbfounded,” notes Elnur. “We didn’t expect to meet our goals so quickly. This really encouraged us, so now we’ve launched into our second round with a more ambitious goal of 400,000€ as our current target.”
Emils Kerimovs, TFGcrowd’s own executive chairman, is more than happy about the success of the company.

Alan Logistics was one of our first partner companies, and we’re very happy for their success. When they met their initial funding goal, we were ecstatic, since that was also a significant milestone for TFGcrowd. Also, with the kind of equities that they have, I see nothing but success for them in the future.

If you’re looking to invest in a profitable business in the trade and finance industry, you can do no better than Alan Logistics GMBH. They are currently raising 400,000€ worth of capital for their business. In return for the generosity of their backers, they promised to dole out interest payments monthly, guaranteeing an incredible return rate of 17% per year over the course of the 24-month loan term.