Coworking Space and Their TFGcrowd Journey

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What does a successful business look like? Years ago, it would have been something like a high-rise building towering above a metropolis cityscape. Today, however, it could look as simple as a cozy downtown office space somewhere in Brandenburg, where it thrives from savings made from lower overhead and fruitful collaborations.

The introduction of coworking spaces as feasible alternatives to traditional office spaces has revolutionized how businesses operate and interact with each other. Before, companies were confined to their own office spaces and tied up to the exorbitant costs that came with the upkeep. Now, coworking spaces allow them to work alongside other companies and save capital for different aspects of their operation.

The idea has since taken Europe and the world by storm, with as much as 521 million square feet dedicated to flexible office spaces worldwide to date. BB Office24UG hopes to bring this trend to Brandenburg through their Coworking Space building, soon to rise near the heart of Fredesdorf-Vogelsdorf, Germany.

“We sincerely believe that flexible office spaces are the future of business spaces,” says CEO of BB Office24UG.

They’re affordable, and smaller businesses and freelancers – basically people who don’t have significant capital – are drawn to that. They like the idea of having somewhere that provides them with the professional environment they need to get work done without having to make a loan or shell out enormous amounts of money. And who doesn’t like to save money?

When asked how they came upon the idea, they mentioned that they heard of it back in 2016 when it was still a relatively new concept overseas. “By then, people were starting to see how coworking spaces weren’t just this passing fad, as some people claimed previously. Rather, it was this new thing that allowed smaller companies and freelancing individuals to get a start somewhere that’s not a basement but won’t cost them a pretty penny or anything like that. Early last year, when we felt that this trend is more or less here to stay, we began planning on bringing it here, to Fredesdorf-Vogelsdorf, which is always brimming with new blood, hungry for success.”

CEO of BB Office24UG notes that they found TFGcrowd a few months after deciding to set the business up. “Our whole business plan is predicated on the notion of making it big without having significant capital. We’re big believers of that. So we felt it was against our principles to build our business the traditional way. Alternative funding was our first option, so to speak, and we found TFGcrowd while looking for feasible candidates.

“Seeing what they had to offer, we were immediately sure that this is the right platform we have to partner with,” he adds. “And with a quarter of the way through the target sum in just nine days, our confidence in the platform is more than strengthened.” As of the time of writing, the campaign sits at 35% of 200’000€ goal, which is for 71’600€ from a total of 92 backers.

Emil Kerimov, CEO of TFGcrowd, congratulated them through a recent correspondence: “We’re always happy to have companies who have a pulse on the culture and are on the cutting-edge of business trends. BB Office24UG’s Coworking Space is a great addition to our lineup of investment offerings, and we hope that this positive trend line of investment on their campaign soon concludes on a successful note.”