Healthy Food Delivery is 118% Funded!

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If you’re living anywhere in London, you’re in for a fantastic treat!

Healthy Food Delivery’s campaign has been successfully funded, and thanks to that, they’re now more capable than ever to deliver their delicious, affordable, and 100% healthy food anywhere in the city!

Healthy Food Delivery is a fitness food delivery service that’s taking London by storm through their personalized cooked-to-order meals. The service promises two things: scrumptious and professionally made meals that fit your body’s nutritional requirements, and quick and timely delivery to absolutely anywhere in the city. This has all but guaranteed the company’s popularity to fitness-conscious millennials and health food connoisseurs, who are singlehandedly driving demand for the entire health & fitness industry in the country.

Today, they add one more victory under their belt after meeting their exceeding their funding goal of 20’000€ and netting 23’550€, which represents 118% of their target amount. They managed to achieve their goal in less than a month thanks to a total of 66 backers, who supported them under the promise of a handsome 17% interest rate on returns.

Inga Rogozina, owner of Healthy Food Delivery, couldn’t be happier with the results. “Consider my mind blown. I didn’t think meeting my goal in just a month was possible with crowdfunding. Color me surprised!”

While she’s known that crowdfunding works from her research, she’s never seen it work so well – and first-hand at that. “I know that my target amount isn’t as significant as other campaigns on TFGcrowd, but meeting it this early is nothing less than wonderful, especially since we’re a young business with many ongoing needs.”

Inga set up her campaign on TFGcrowd to boost her business’ working capital, specifically to help her manage the ever-increasing influx of orders more consistently and at a higher quality. “Being a delivery-only service has its own set of challenges, one of which is the greater strain on our capacity to deliver. This amount really helps supplement delivery costs, which hopefully would bring in more customers, which will help us expand our business further.

And I know that we won’t be here without the support of our backers, so I’d like to extend my thanks to them as well! I love you, all 66 of you!”
Fitness food delivery has been on an upward trend in Britain and the world, thanks, as noted, to its health-conscious Millennial base. Its broader market in the ready meals industry is set to grow to 8.94 billion USD by 2025 if trends continue, a far cry from its 5.3 billion marks in 2018. Projections, of course, are bound to increase as demand from its sister market, the health & fitness industry, continues to grow.

Emil Kerimov, CEO of TFGcrowd, offers his congratulations.

This marks yet another successful campaign under TFGcrowd’s roster of investment opportunities. We are truly fortunate to have partnered with so many thriving companies, one of which is Healthy Food Delivery. We celebrate their success today and hope to partner with them again should they choose to crowdfund their equities again in the near future.