Healthy Food Delivery and their TFGcrowd Journey

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It’s no secret that Millennials care more about what they eat than previous generations. And no, it’s not because they’re picky eaters.
It’s because they are more health conscious than baby boomers and Gen Xers combined, stated a relatively recent report from Nielsen, a NY-based marketing research firm. “Today's younger consumers are the most willing to take initiative on behalf of their well-being, and they are prepared to pay premium prices if necessary to achieve their goals,” the report reads.

It’s no surprise, then, that fitness food delivery services like Healthy Food Delivery have cropped up in the last two years, and are practically thriving as overnight successes wherever they appear. For a generation that believes in innovation and ‘working smarter, not harder,’ fitness food delivery services provide a popular alternative to the traditional way of preparing food tailored to their bodies’ specific nutritional needs and goals. No shopping, no cooking: only food that caters to your body's requirements, delivered straight to you with a single swipe or call from your phone – a concept that's truly healthy and amazingly convenient.

Healthy Food Delivery, in particular, is a fitness food delivery startup that only recently began serving customers across London. But they’re by no means operating small-scale: having already amassed a massive following of regular customers across the city, they now enjoy business from all boroughs, from Hillingdon to Havering.
“London has a significant population of Millennials, and that has helped us grow a lot in such a short period,” notes Inga Rogozina, proprietor of Healthy Food Delivery.


We’re surprised at how much we’ve grown ourselves, and we’re constantly looking for ways just to keep up with the delivery demand half the time.

Healthy Food Delivery is by no means the only fitness food delivery service in the neighborhood, but it’s by far one of the most ideal, granted its competitive pricing and gobsmackingly good food. “We pride ourselves in our ability to provide scrumptious food that’s truly tailored to the needs of our customers, and at reasonable prices, to boot. Our low overhead as a strictly delivery-only business is to thank for that,” notes Inga.
“Thanks to that, we’re struggling a bit with our ability to deliver food promptly, which means more chefs and delivery persons on our payroll. Before this campaign, we were actually considering crowdfunding as an option to raise capital, but since the concept was new to us, we didn’t know how to launch one and where.


Luckily, we found TFGcrowd thanks to a tip from a friend of mine, and saw it as the best platform for the amount that we need.

Emil Kerimov, CEO, and Founder of TFGcrowd is pleased with the Healthy Food Delivery’s decision to partner with them. “It’s a great business with a proven record and a fascinating concept. All our research so far shows the market they’re dealing with as growing, and I can see them entering their growth phase within the third quarter of next year at this rate. I wish them all the best in what they’re doing.”
Healthy Food Delivery hopes to raise 20’000€ and is offering a 17% interest rate on returns to be paid out monthly over the course of the 6-month loan term.