Indoor Karting Race Track and their TFGcrowd Journey

Indoor Karting Race Track and their TFGcrowd Journey


The thrill of the track, the wind on your face, the beckoning goal – when it comes to a genuinely heart-racing go kart racing experience, there’s no alternative to indoor kart racing.

Indoor kart racing, of course, is the new and improved alternative to traditional go-kart racing. Where traditional go-karts needed fuel and had higher carbon footprints, indoor kart racing introduced eKarts. eKarts, which run on electric motors and power cells, lessen potential hazards and accidents like gas leaks and lowering the environmental impact of their use over time across the board, all while improving kart horsepower and overall speed outputs. Also, as the name suggests, everything happens indoors, meaning a more contained environment with better safety guarantees all around.
It’s better, it’s safer, and faster. And that’s why it’s quickly becoming Britain’s new favorite pastime.

“We’ve seen similar success stories unfold in other indoor tracks other places near major metropolises, and we are hoping to repeat the magic here, close to London,” says proprietor of Indoor Karting Race Track. “The stats don’t lie, it’s all systems go from our end of the deal. We have our goal, and we’re well on track to reaching it.”

For those unaware, Indoor Karting Race Track is one of TFGcrowd’s hottest campaigns at the moment, already securing 73% of their funding goal as of this writing.

With this campaign, we’re hoping to secure the means to fully fit our indoor race track with all that’s needed for a fun, safe, and fast racing experience for everybody,

The proprietor says that he does not doubt their business model and the outlook for their track. “What’s proven to be a major hiccup so far is finding funding; it took us forever to get the bank loan we finally managed to secure a few months ago. I guess it’s a similar scenario for many of the other campaigns here like us” he notes that the bank loan they took was so they could afford and get the eKarts ready for when the place opens up in roughly two years.

“It takes more than eKarts to build an indoor racing facility, however, and the bank loan wasn’t enough to cover the other half of the expenses, which involves getting the facility in order,” says Teders Olgerts. “I couldn’t stand the thought of going through the motions of another bank loan, and that’s why I went around looking for alternative sources of funding. Fortunately, I found TFGcrowd almost right away.”

Teders Olgerts says that while his funding goal is undoubtedly ambitious, it gives him hope that his campaign was able to come this far in a matter of days. “I didn’t really know how effective crowdfunding was when I signed up to partner. Seeing these results, I can deny it no longer: it works!”
Elans Dimitrijevs, TFGcrowd’s Business Development Partner, hopes that everything works out for Indoor Karting Race Track.

They’re good people with a good eye for business, and I’m pretty sure their facility will draw thousands without fail. We trust them so much, we even made our own investment on their mainstay Latvian team as an official sponsor. We certainly hope they reach their funding goal, and then some!