Indoor Karting Race Track is 101% Funded!

Indoor Karting Race Track is 101% Funded!


It’s a truth as old as crowdfunding itself: good ideas find funding faster.
Recently, Indoor Karting Race Track had the chance to test out this hypothesis, and found it true! That’s right, Indoor Karting Race Track is officially funded!

Indoor Karting Race Track is a soon-to-rise premier indoor go-kart facility that will be making its home near London. The place is planned to be a multi-level race track where friends and families can have a good time, but also where the most hardcore go-kart fans can go and test out their racing chops. Recently, Don Trader, Ltd., the people behind Indoor Karting Race Track, partnered up with TFGcrowd in a bid to raise funding that they need to secure the go-karts that will be used on the track.
“We were pretty much in a bind, to be honest,” says the CEO of Indoor Karting Race Track.

We just applied for a bank loan to finance all the construction and space improvements we have planned for the site, and we weren’t sure if we were in a position to apply for another loan. We found TFGcrowd when we tried looking around for alternative financing. Less than a month later, our campaign is fully funded, and our eKarts are set to be delivered sometime next month! I mean, how amazing is that?

In less than 30 days, Indoor Karting Race Track was able to meet its 200’000€ goal and exceeded it by a small margin of 20’270€, which is 101% of their target. “We were hopeful that this would work out, and we noted in our plans that this would probably take us some time since it’s a huge amount. This took us by surprise, but looking at all the success stories that crown their website, I guess it shouldn’t have.”

Indoor Karting Race Track is set to open its doors sometime in 2021 after the go-karts are tuned up and the facility has been fully fitted. “Looking at everything taking shape, it’s kind of hard to believe that we’re so close to opening day. It wasn’t that long ago when we were just in our meeting room, talking about the possibility of building something of this scale. We have our backers to thank for such a mind-blowing amount of support. To every one of you, you have our heartfelt thanks!”

Emil Kerimov, CEO of TFGcrowd, extends his congratulations to the company. “Now that was fast,” says Emil. “I’ve had the privilege of working together closely with these people, and I must say they’re very hardworking and passionate about seeing their idea turned into reality. I believe that their campaign deserved nothing less than full funding status.

We’re pretty happy about it, too, since we trust these guys so much that we’re sponsoring one of their official race teams. We’re looking forward to their opening day and see those TFGcrowd flags fly their way across the finish line!