Real Estate in the UK and Their TFGcrowd Journey

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It’s monopoly 101: you choose to invest in a property now and reap all of the benefits later. But to do that, you need to get past “GO” and collect your starting capital.

LEKS Group, Ltd., an up and coming Real Estate Holdings Company in the UK, knows how the real estate game is played and intends to start strong by launching two real estate crowdfunding campaigns side by side on TFGcrowd. As of this writing, both “Real Estate in Cambridge” and “Real Estate in London” sit comfortably at 96% (€343870 of €357500) and 80% (€253770 of €313500) respectively, even with roughly half a month still on their campaign deadlines.

“We have read so many success stories here at TFGCrowd, which was the whole reason my team and I decided to go ahead and give it a shot,” says Sergejs Glanenko, LEKS Group, Ltd.’s CEO.

I had my reservations, to be honest; I never dreamed it would be this successful so quickly. When I saw the numbers and how quickly they’re closing in on the target figure, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A few weeks before they made their decision, the team had a big meeting about two new properties they found and wish to include in their property letting portfolio. “They were attractive pieces of property, located in parts of their respective cities with huge letting potential. The problem is, REHCs like us make constant investments to future growth. That is to say, we didn’t have the money to buy the said properties outright with cash, which, as you know, would be a lot cheaper.”

The group at one point contemplated taking out another loan as they did with their other properties. “The problem was, we are currently in the process of settling other loans for other properties, and we thought that if we keep this up, it will get much harder for us to get the lump sum we need for future projects. That’s how we concluded that we needed to try something else.”

After that meeting, Sergejs Glanenko went home and looked up alternative financing options that were accessible to him. He came across TFGCrowd when looking for platforms that have previously catered to REHCs before. “I take full credit for finding the platform, and no one can tell me otherwise (laughs). I was very impressed with the company’s business model, and then I kept on reading one success story after another. The next day, I pitched the idea to the team, and they liked it, too. The rest is history.”

For his part, Emil Kerimov, CEO of TFGcrowd, is thrilled that the company has found its niche on the platform. “Regardless of the platform, it’s quite rare to see a company launch two campaigns at roughly the same time and find success in both. What Sergejs Glanenko and LEKS Group, Ltd. have here is something quite special, and we’re delighted to be a part of that. We wish you a heartfelt thanks and congratulations to your forthcoming success!”