2020 – The Year of Change!

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It is often stated that 2020 was the year when all plans got cancelled. Looking back at the year behind, we beg to differ. When the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said the now-famous phrase "the only constant in life is change", he may have prophesied the year we have just endured. 2020 was not the year when all plans got cancelled - it was the year when all plans got changed.

As you know, TFGcrowd is a continuous work in progress - we keep aiming to enhance the user experience by expanding the range of available functionalities and refining existing ones to achieve a flawless investment journey for all the platform users. 2020 was no different in that sense - our team worked super hard to achieve the goals we had set. Here is an insight into the new features that were implemented on our platform in 2020:

15 New Features in 2020

  • TFG Market - to ensure as much automation as possible and that all users receive the highest quality service in the shortest possible time, we introduced the place where the businesses looking for finance can meet investors looking for great investment opportunities.

  • Auto-Invest - to ensure that investors' money is never sitting idly in their accounts, we added the Auto-Invest feature. Once a project matures, the money is automatically re-invested in another interest-earning project on the TFGcrowd platform according to set preferences.

  • Investment Plans - for added ease of investing a simple and straightforward long term investment option was launched that allows investors to invest in an investment portfolio for a set term and interest without the headache of having to pick the portfolio themselves.

  • Invoice Finance - this form of financing was introduced during the pandemic's initial stages, as businesses struggled to secure short-term funding. It has proven to be very popular among investors, as it allows earning high returns without locking in funds for extended periods.

  • Share Finance - following popular demand investors can now own a piece of the companies they believe in and share the benefits as these companies develop and grow by investing in loans that are converted into shares.

  • Property Finance - another exciting investment option was introduced, allowing investors to finance a company by issuing a loan for the acquisition, development or renovation of a property, or similar property-related use.

  • Business Accounts - if you own a business and have been looking for ways to diversify your investments, it is now possible to do so through our platform's business accounts.

  • New Referral Program - we upgraded the referral program to enable users to earn higher rewards for inviting their friends, family or followers to discover our platform.

  • New Interface - we introduced a new and improved user account interface, which features intuitive navigation and provides extended functionality.

  • 2FA - we enhanced the security on our platform and now offer two-factor authentication for the user accounts.

  • Creditsafe - to make things easier for investors when comparing various investment possibilities, we now provide the Creditsafe risk scores for Invoice Finance investments.

  • Creditreform - on our quest for delivering to the investors on TFGcrowd ever more transparent investment possibilities, we have started utilising the services rendered by Creditreform - the provider of sound credit advice in the international business arena.

  • Equidam - it is of utmost importance for TFGcrowd that investors can make informed decisions when investing through our platform. We believe that by providing access to the valuation reports produced by Equidam to TFGcrowd investors will allow them to assess the companies they are looking to fund in a more transparent way.

  • Online customer support upgrade - if you have an urgent query, you can now conveniently address it to our Live Customer Support. Our team of knowledgeable personnel will be able to provide you with fast and accurate answers in the shortest time possible or direct you to a team member that has the necessary expertise.

  • Customer Inbox - we have also added an Inbox as an alternative for reaching customer support via email, so you have all the communication with us in one place.

Adaptation is key to survival in a changing environment. Those who adapt and survive, come out stronger and better equipped to get over any future obstacles. TFGcrowd was comparatively well-positioned, when entering the pandemic and found the challenging circumstances as an additional motivational force energising us to achieve the goals we had set. The dynamic environment also inspired our team to develop new and fresh ideas and enact them swiftly.

We hope you enjoy all the new features of our platform and we are looking forward to introducing a bunch of new ones in the near future. To find out more, look out for our next blog post about our plans for 2021.

Now, let's get back to investing!

Yours sincerely,
TFGcrowd Team