2021 - The Year Ahead!

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In one of our previous blog posts, we looked at the great new features implemented on our platform during 2020. Now it is time to look into the future and see what we have in the plans next. We hold a positive outlook for the year ahead and expect it to be a lot less dramatic than the year we have just endured, as the power of vaccines does its job of making societies safer.

A return to more normality will allow everyone to get back to making plans and see these come to life. Here are some of the exciting features we are currently working on and looking to introduce on our platform in the foreseeable future:

  • Secondary Market – we can confirm that it is scheduled to become available to the investors on the TFGcrowd platform very soon, as an extension to the already available Auto-invest option. This as an essential functionality that will improve the user experience and allow more freedom to all investors.

  • TFG VISA card and IBAN – our system developers are working extremely hard towards integrating the IBANs in our system. We are very much looking forward to sharing the news with you when the IBANs are live, and you can order your very own TFG card to spend all the money you have earned through the TFGcrowd platform.

  • Crypto Implementation - much to the awe of financial regulators, cryptocurrencies are here to stay as a permanent feature of the markets. Here at TFGcrowd, we are cautiously exploring the safest possibilities in the field. Stay tuned and watch this space - without giving too much away, we are planning something truly exciting!

  • Insurance Market – We believe that all investments should be safe. As an added security measure, we are developing an insurance option which will replace the Buyback Guarantee Fund. The insurance will allow investors greater freedom to minimise the risks of investments to their required level.

  • Mobile App – A mobile app of the TFGcrowd platform is in the works with a projected delivery date later in the year. We wish to ensure that the platform has all the necessary attributes ready before we launch the mobile app so that you have the best experience possible on your TFGcrowd journey.

  • White Label – when we feel the platform has all the main attributes we have envisaged, we will offer the possibility for other businesses looking to set up crowdfunding platforms to acquire White Label rights.

  • EU Regulation Implementation - we are very excited that there are less than two years left until the EU-wide crowdfunding regulation comes into force. We are continuously making adjustments to our platform to ensure we are ahead of being compliant with existing rules and regulations in the market and you can expect to see a number of smaller and bigger changes implemented on our platform due to this.

We wish to thank each of you for your continued trust in the TFGCrowd platform, and the investment opportunities offered on our site. We look forward to another exciting year together with you. It takes a crowd to achieve great things, and we know that we have the most incredible crowd with us!

Now, let's get back to investing!

TFGCrowd Team