5 Best Investments to Make In 2020

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5 Best Investments to Make In 2020

2020 will be here soon, and it is time to make the most of the year early on making some life changes. Some people start spending time at the gym and others start dieting to get their results, but as for the remaining of us, we have something more profitable that we would like to make out of the year.

When we speak of profitable, it refers to investment decisions which will make our life much easier and give us the extra money we need to grow richer at a faster rate. Some of us think that saving money is the best way to get money but that is far from the truth. No one became a millionaire just by saving. Due to inflation, the interest that you get even from a high-interest savings account might not be worth it.
One is always on the hunt for the best investment options and that is why the list of 5 best investments to make in 2020 has been compiled for you to make the most of the year and live a life of financial freedom.

Stock Market

The stock market will continue to remain one of the hottest places to invest in. It is, however, important to monitor the trend of the stock market in order to invest at a time when stock prices are low and will increase soon after. The stock market is one of the most viable investment options and that is why many people invest in the stock market for a living.
Do not let your emotions get involved when you invest, after all, the only goal is to become rich. Also, you could save plenty of money by investing in the stock market such as lower taxes and higher dividends. The stock that you buy in the market will yield dividends and even an increase in the market value of the stock will lead to higher earnings.

Real Estate

The value of land has skyrocketed since the 1970s and the real estate market will continue to be one of the hottest places to invest your money. If you want to invest in something more than just a physical asset, then you can invest in one of the many trusts. The real estate market will continue to grow, especially as the population increases. You could earn up to 200% returns in a period of 4 to 5 years in one of the hottest real estate markets such as San Francisco or New York City.

Peer-to-Peer (Crowdfunding)

Peer-to-peer funding (Crowdfunding) has become one of the hottest options for investment. It is highly productive and is good for the economy. There are many Crowdfunding platforms to invest in which are safe and yield high income. Forbes has even advised investing in peer-to-peer funding (Crowdfunding).


As has always been said, education is your passport to success. When you invest in your education and get an education from an elite college or university, your chances of success greatly increase. You will be able to earn a high salary from the moment you graduate or even before that. With the world evolving and new sectors opening up, education will play a keep role in revolutionizing the world. Investing in your education is the best idea.


When you invest in your career in any way such as by getting professional training or certification as well as just spending more time focusing on your career, you will see the investment in time or money pay off. Your career will give you a higher salary which you deserve to succeed in life.
The year is 2019 and it is time to start focusing on your investment options. The best investment is one which is a combination of the list, to give you the best returns.