A message from our Founder & CEO

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Dear Investors,
I’d like to start this message by sending my best wishes to you and your loved ones. Please, be assured that at this challenging time we are working as hard as ever to support our clients and partners.

Economies and financial markets around the world are currently undergoing a huge crisis. This has already happened before, during the Financial Crisis of 2008. The important thing now is to keep up with the evolving situation and take advantage of the huge opportunities that the market currently represents.

Because COVID-19 has put everyone in a state of panic, we’re writing this letter to put at least one of your fears to rest: it is business as usual at TFGcrowd, we are moving forwards with reaching our roadmap goals and will do our utmost to stay within our planned timelines.

As an entirely digital company, we practiced online meetings well before the COVID-19 situation started and we are able to easily facilitate our staff working remotely and ensuring the uninterrupted running of our services despite the extenuating circumstances.

Our main aims during these extreme circumstances:
• We are ensuring timely payments of your investments and interest
• Providing regular updates regarding current projects
• Keeping you up to speed with regular updates on the platform
• Listening to your comments and suggestions to improve our platform in line with changing circumstances
• Keep our online customer support open as usual during business days from 9:00am till 5:00pm (EET)

• Focus on sectors, which produce necessities and virus curbing essentials e.g., disinfectant and hand sanitiser manufacturing, food production, vitamins, etc.
• Look into projects, who have seen a huge boost in demand due to the spread of the virus, e.g. online businesses, delivery services etc.
• Search for opening up of opportunities to secure superb locations for lease at below-market rates, giving start-up businesses a head-start for their enterprises
• Provide attractive real estate investment opportunities with special focus on UK, Germany and Dubai markets, which currently see huge discounts to prices, therefore provide higher possible long-term yields.

Thank you for your continued trust in TFGcrowd and keep safe!
Emil Kerimov
Founder and Executive Chairman