Aiming for Perfection!

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We are immensely proud of everything we have achieved over the past year and a half and would like to extend our highest gratitude to all of the investors on our platform for making this possible! You are the driving force behind us, providing the energy and motivation to keep upgrading this platform.

Although it has been a very challenging period for many businesses, we are pleased to report that during the period since we went live from March 2019 till September 2020, TFGcrowd had:

  • 166 launched projects

  • 160 successfully funded projects

  • 68 fully repaid projects

  • ALL interest paid on time on ALL projects

  • No defaulted projects

  • 10 partially repaid projects due to Covid-19 related project setbacks

TFGcrowd is a continuous work in progress - we keep aiming to enhance the user experience by expanding the range of available functionalities as well as refining existing ones to achieve a flawless investment journey for all the platform users. In line with this ethos, here are just a few of our most notable recently added features:

Auto Invest

The new Auto Invest function makes sure that your money is never sitting idly in your TFGcrowd account. You set your limits and preferences, and the system does the rest of the work for you.


The place where the businesses looking for finance meet investors looking for great investment opportunities. The easy to understand structure and the introduction of as much automation as possible ensures that all users now receive the highest quality service in the shortest possible time.

Invoice Financing

This alternative method to business loans is another excellent chance for the investors investing through TFGcrowd to earn high returns without locking their funds in for extended periods of time.

Business accounts

If you own a business and have been looking for ways to diversify your investments and invest your profits, while taking advantage of the tax benefits this provides over-investing in crowdfunding as an individual, now it is possible to do so through the business accounts on TFGcrowd platform.

New and improved Referral Program

Our upgraded referral program enables you to earn rewards by sharing your personal referral link to your friends, family or anybody who might be interested. All the registered users can get a referral link and participate in the program. For every person who will invest over 100€, you will get 20€ plus you will get a 2% bonus on what they invested within the first 90 days!


We have updated and improved the user account interface, featuring new intuitive navigation, as well as newly added options for extended functionality. We have also added an Inbox as an alternative for reaching customer support via email, so you have the communication with us all in one place. Check it out to send us any questions or suggestions.


We know that investors have different appetites towards risks and returns. It is therefore essential that each investor can choose with confidence the risk/return trade-off that best suits them. Creditsafe boasts the largest business database in the world; their credit scores provide a global yet straightforward measure for comparing the risk/return trade-off between different borrowers. These scores are now available for the investors investing in invoice financing projects through TFGcrowd.


TFGcrowd verifies the identity of all investors on the platform to maintain a safe and trusted environment. Onfido is chosen by some of the biggest names in the FinTech industry. For the investors on TFGcrowd Onfido solutions provide security that their personal data is safe and secure. At the same time, the borrowers can rest assured that the investors have proven their true identities.

Online customer support upgrade

If you have an urgent query, you can now conveniently address it to our Live Customer Support. Our team of knowledgeable personnel will be able to provide you with fast and accurate answers in the shortest time possible or direct you to a team member that has the necessary expertise.

Bring it On!

By no means, there is no stopping at this, as we have lots more planned for the months ahead. Here at TFGcrowd, we are excitedly looking forward to releasing the next significant feature of our platform - TFGpay very soon. This feature will provide our investors with the opportunity to conduct transactions via TFGcrowd platform in real-time, making it easier to make investments, and spend the interest earned via their very own TFGpay VISA debit cards.

And last, but not least, another milestone we are currently working on is the Secondary Market. This functionality will come in handy for those investors, who are looking to make an early exit from their investments. We believe that this added flexibility will also make it easier for the more risk averse investors to make important longer term investment decisions.

Now, let's get back to investing!

Yours sincerely,
TFGcrowd Team