August 2020 Update

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The current month is coming to an end and we wish to point out the key changes, milestones and figures we've accomplished within this period.

As promised, here are the projects, that have been launched, successfully funded and repaid within August 2020:

  • 43 projects in total have been launched on TFGcrowd platform within August
  • 14 projects financed through TFGcrowd platform have been successfully repaid in full
  • 38 projects have been successfully funded
  • 2 projects have been paid partially due to the government restrictions related to COVID-19, which have limited business functionality
  • All interest has been paid on time on all projects
  • No projects have defaulted

Besides that, back in July, we've been asked many questions through our online chat feature and support emails. Reviewing those questions coming from our fellow investors, the most popular ones were highlighted and given detailed and professional response by our Founder and CEO for everyone to read.

Since the very establishment, TFGcrowd sticks to maintaining a safe and trusted environment for all the parties involved in the crowdinvesting process. Obviously, payment accounts of all our investors go through the verification of their identity in compliance with the relevant legislation in force. Onfido, a worldwide leading provider of secure digital services, is the system that helps us process the users' personal data.

When it comes to a business credit check of a potential borrower seeking financing, we rely on Creditsafe, the world's most used provider of online business credit reports. When onboarding a new company onto our platform, we assess the credit score awarded by Creditsafe and, accordingly, assign a credit limit to every borrower. Partnering with a team of trusted experts, the risk assessment process becomes easier and a lot transparent for us and our investors, who are trying to maintain a balanced investment portfolio.

Very soon in the early September we are planning to launch our new Autoinvest feature, which will allow investors to create an endless number of investment strategies, as well as to view the list of the applied strategies and the information on the funds invested. 

We keep working on launching new and prosperous projects and you continue earning your income with us and keep an eye on the achievement of our shared growth and development goals.

Sincerely yours,
TFGcrowd Team