Auto Invest is Finally Here!

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We know that many of you have been waiting for the Auto Invest function for quite some time already. So, we are excited to announce that this new and significant addition is now available to the investors on our platform. The new Auto Invest function will make sure that your money is never sitting idly in your TFGcrowd account. Once a project matures, it will be automatically re-invested in another interest-earning project on the TFGcrowd platform according to set preferences.

When using the Auto Invest function, all the investors will feel like promoted to the big boss position, where there is a taskforce of obedient and trustworthy employees to whom to delegate all the tasks effectively and efficiently! Only in this case, the employees will be the Auto Invest system. Just set your limits and preferences, and the system will do all the work for you! Want to change your preferences? No problem at all – just a few simple clicks and you can set an almost infinite number of investment strategies within the system! Wish to grant the system a holiday and make manual investment decisions? You are the boss, so you can choose to opt-out of using the Auto Invest function for future investments.

We all lead busy lives and have loads on our minds every day. This means that sometimes you might miss the date or be too busy, when your investments mature, and funds return to your TFGcrowd account. Up until now, once your investment was repaid to your TFGcrowd account, it was waiting for you to log into your account and choose yet another great investment opportunity available on the TFGcrowd platform suited to your investment preferences. Although during this time your money was safely stacked away in your TFGcrowd account, it was not earning interest for you.

The new Auto Invest function will ensure that this does not happen - money will be “working” and earning interest for you even when you are too busy to choose another suitable project to invest in or during those precious times when you are on holidays and do not want to worry about making new investment decisions. Use the pre-set default settings or jiggle them around for a personalised experience you are the boss now, the choice is yours!