BBQ Grill n Bar: Their TFGcrowd Story

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BBQ Grill n Bar

The aroma of traditional Turkish cuisine wafts down from BBQ Grill n Bar and colours the air of the nearby Brookgate Station, ever drawing people craving good food and a good time to its doors. 

Cambridge is known worldwide as the home of prestigious universities and England’s most significant cultural melting pot. It’s also home to BBQ Grill n Bar, everybody’s go-to place for authentic Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in the UK. 

Ever since BBQ Grill n Bar opened its doors to the public early in 2018, it’s become one of the fastest growing restaurants in Cambridge, and it’s not difficult to see why. Their exceptional flair for Old World flavour and traditional grilling style over searing hot coals has all but guaranteed a stream of loyal customers to their establishment, day in and day out. It’s become so popular, in fact, that they’ve practically run out of space to accommodate customers who wish to dine in and enjoy their grub. 

"We never expected to see the response that we did,” reports one Ali Karakilic, proprietor of the BBQ Grill n Bar. 

We’re fans of Turkish and Mediterranean food ourselves, but we practically stumbled upon a gold mine of exotic food connoisseurs here in Cambridge. We’ve grown so popular almost overnight that we had to adjust the restaurant layout many times over the course of the past year, and it’s gotten to the point that we just need more space so we can fit everybody.

Ali reports that he initially wanted this expansion financed through a bank loan, but decided against it after considering all the hoops he went through with his last loan. "We broke even a few months ago thanks to our customers, but getting the business started was no cakewalk. We’ve had many slow days before we had any kind of breakthrough, and it was dreadful having to live in fear of the bank’s repo man showing up at your door."

After asking around for alternative financing options, Ali heard about TFGCROWD from a close friend who had started investing on the site. "My friend told me that one of the campaigns he invested in had met its target funding and that he was about to collect his final payout that day. I had him explain the deal to me. It seemed to me so common-sensical that I wondered why I haven’t heard about equity crowdfunding before. I didn’t know you could crowdfund capital for your business."

BBQ Grill n Bar has since joined the ranks of many promising campaigns on their way to seeing their funding goals realised shortly. Elans Dimitrijev, CEO of TFGCROWD, couldn’t be any happier with the restaurant’s decision.

They’re a legitimate business at the peak of their growth stage. We are pleased to partner with them and help them see their funding goals to fruition.

BBQ Grill n Bar is currently raising 35000€ worth of capital and are willing to reward potential backers with an interest rate of 17% for their investment over the duration of the term period.