BIG Update for All Our Investors

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Dear Investors,
In case you are curious about the next services that will be available to you on the TFGcrowd platform in the near future, please, read ahead, as we believe this is an excellent time to give you an insight into the next exciting steps planned for the TFGcrowd platform.

First of all, we would like to make it clear that we have entered this market for the long-term, we believe P2P lending is not just a current trend, but a thing that will be the order of the day in the future and we are here to stay and make every effort to improve this industry so that each and every investor looking to make the safest investments possible is able to do so. This is the reason why we are continuously striving to find ways to improve the investor experience, to add new services to our platform and also to offer you the safest investments possible. Here is just a short glance at what we have planned for the next two years ahead!

Our Roadmap

The P2P lending landscape is continuously evolving, and we intend to keep up with it every step of the way. Above all, our aim is to keep the investments made through our platform as safe and secure as possible, so that the investors can rest assured that they have made the right decisions every step of the way. We are therefore continuously making adjustments to our platform to ensure we are ahead of being compliant with existing rules and regulations in the market and believe that some of the new services that we have planned for the platform should be made into an industry standard to ensure investor protection throughout. Here are some of the exciting things that we have in the works at the moment to be delivered to you in the near future:
  • Moving to the UK jurisdiction – as a company built by hard-working individuals, we are very much in favor of stronger regulation in the P2P lending market to ensure trust in the whole industry and therefore we have chosen to open a company in the UK, applying for an FCA license for crowdfunding there. We believe the UK is ahead of many other countries in the financial sector and their legal framework is, therefore, more mature and capable of ensuring investor protection. In our view, this will give you, as investors, even more transparency into our company and peace of mind that we are compliant with all the latest regulations in force in the market.

  • Migrating European projects to German jurisdiction – since it has become definite and as of 31st January of this year, Great Britain has left the European Union, having just a UK regulated company will not be sufficient to ensure a seamless experience for you. As you know, many of the projects open to investments on the TFGcrowd platform are of European origin and also the investors on our platform are from Europe, therefore we have decided to open a Germany based company and apply for a crowdfunding license in Germany as well, in order to complement our UK regulated company. This way, we will be able to carry on providing the widest selection of investment projects for the investors on our platform.

  • Your very own TFG euro IBAN and TFG VISA card – we believe that the investment experience should be a seamless process. While at the moment you can access the funds in your TFGcrowd account by withdrawing money to your bank account, we are currently in the process of going one step further. Very soon you will be able to have your very own TFG euro IBAN account and TFG VISA card. Move funds directly in and out of your account and between the different investment projects available on the TFGcrowd platform and spend them using your VISA debit card. Having access to your money and controlling your investments will be easier than ever.

  • Becoming recognized in the secondary market – many of our investors have suggested that having the ability to resell their investments on the secondary market would provide them an added feeling of security. This would enable them to sell their investments in case they unexpectedly need their funds earlier than the maturity of the loan period. We can now confirm that we are in the process of setting up a secondary market for your investments and this should be available to you already later this year.
  • Auto-invest – a new and very important addition to our platform will be available on our platform in conjunction with the secondary market resale option. We all lead busy lives and have lots on our minds each and every day. This means that sometimes you might miss the date, when your investments mature, and funds are returned to your TFGcrowd account. Currently, we would be waiting for you to log into your account and choose another great investment opportunity available on the TFGcrowd platform. When your money is safely stacked away in your TFGcrowd account, it would not be earning interest for you. If you are opt-in, the new Auto-invest option will make sure that money is no longer sitting idly in your account – once a project matures, we will re-invest it in another high-interest earning project available on the TFGcrowd platform. Because it will be possible to sell your investments on the secondary market, you will not have to worry that you will not be able to withdraw your investments pre-term either.
  • New and improved referral program – you may already know of our existing referral program, which allows you to earn rewards for referring your friends to the TFGcrowd platform. At the moment we are exploring ways to transform this into a program that will make sure you earn the rewards not just on the initial referral, but also during the term that your referrals invest money through the TFGcrowd platform.
  • Business accounts – if you own your own business and have been looking for ways to diversify your investments and invest your profits while taking advantage of the tax benefits this provides over-investing in crowdfunding as an individual, very soon you will be able to do so through the TFGcrowd platform. As we know, the world is changing toward the preference to go it alone and set up as freelancers, establishing their own businesses for the purpose. We have listened to your suggestions and very soon will allow you to make your investments through the TFGcrowd platform directly from your business.
  • Dubai branch – as you already know, we encourage you to diversify your investments to minimize the risks. On our part, we have recently been researching the possibilities to offer an even wider investment profile to the investors investing through the TFGcrowd platform. Dubai has always been on top of the world in terms of embracing all the best and newest available trends – while it may not be possible to do P2P lending in Dubai due to local regulations, we are planning to take a different approach in Dubai by starting to offer the investors the possibility to acquire shares in the companies looking to raise funds.
  • Insurance Market – with over 10 years’ experience in the lending industry, our management team has acquired a great deal of understanding into the insurance of different types of loans. We believe that all investments should be made as safe as possible. Therefore, as an added security measure, we are currently developing an insurance option for the investors investing through the TFGcrowd platform, which will replace TFGcrowd’s Buyback Guarantee EXTRA currently provided on all investments made through the TFGcrowd platform up until 31st December 2020. This would allow you to take out insurance on the investments you have made against the borrower’s default. In addition to the security already provided by the TFGcrowd’s Buyback Guarantee, this will allow you to minimize the risks of your investments to your required level.
  • White Label – as the platform will be in the development stage, where we feel it will have all the main attributes that we have envisaged to be enough to offer a good level of service for both investors and businesses seeking funds alike, we will offer the possibility for other businesses looking to set up crowdfunding platforms to acquire White Label rights. We believe the P2P lending industry should be allowed to develop and grow in order to allow investors and businesses alike to take advantage of the technological possibilities of today, eliminating the need for such middle institutions as banks. Loans should be accessible to businesses and making safe loans should be possible for investors. And it should be investors rather than the chosen few at the banks making the decisions, which projects are allocated funds, and which are not. We believe in the power of the crowd and its’ ability to make the best investment decisions.
  • Mobile App – we know that a lot of you use our platform on your mobile phones and that the order of today dictates that we switch on our computers less and less, especially outside of work. A mobile app of the TFGcrowd platform is therefore in the works with a projected delivery date in 2021. Even though it may seem like still a long way off, we wish to ensure that the platform has all the necessary attributes ready before we launch the mobile app, so that you have the best experience using our mobile app on your TFGcrowd journey possible.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued trust in the TFGcrowd platform and the investment projects that we offer on our site and we are looking forward to growing this business together with you each step of the way and improving the industry standards, as we go along. It takes a crowd to make a change and this is exactly what we are here for! We greatly value your feedback and try to ensure that your suggestions are put into practice as soon as possible, so we thought putting out our roadmap for all of you to see would be a great way to communicate our vision to you and to ensure we hear your thoughts before it’s all implemented.

Now, let’s get back to investing!

Emil Kerimov
Founder & Executive Chairman TFGcrowd