Building renovation in Germany by HOGA Real Estate GmbH and their TFGcrowd Story

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Building renovation

Forst, Germany – a place as beautiful as it is historic, where the people are warm, and life is always rosy.

East of highly urbanised Cottbus is Forst in Germany, bordering Poland and the Lusatian Nesse to the west. The city is mainly known for its stunning Rose Garden, a local heritage site noted for the different flowers that are grown there all the year long. As a border town, it is no stranger to visitors and tourists who seek to enjoy the sights and the local fare, bolstering the city’s otherwise modest population of just barely 22,000.

Forst is a city, but it’s unlike the other cities east of the country in that it’s far from totally gentrified. Its locals would not allow it, at the very least, and it is not uncommon to chance upon projects where the building being renovated is preserved to look the same as it did during the jazz era.

Forst is unique in that the people here are always aware of their history and where they came from, and there’s this strong social movement to keep the past alive.

says Hayot Khodjiev, proprietor of HOGA Real Estate GmbH. That’s the case with the building we’re renovating now.

Hayot Khodjiev says that in the 20 or so years that she’s been in business, it’s only in recent years that Forst has seen a renewed boost in its population. “More people have been moving to Forst than ever before, and we’ve got more modern infrastructure and businesses in the city to show for it. However, because people here care so much about their history, even just renovating buildings “the wrong way” can raise eyebrows. Our goal with the building we’re renovating over at Fruchstrasse is to upgrade it to meet modern building standards while preserving its cultural appeal.”

HOGA Real Estate GmbH has completed many such projects in the past and is confident that she can complete this one as well – granted her project is properly funded. “Renovating takes a significant amount of capital because you have repairs that add to the total cost on top of your construction expenses. We’ve always resorted to bank financing to fund our projects, but when I heard about real estate crowdfunding, I immediately wanted to try it out.”

Hayot Khodjiev found TFGCROWD while researching for potential platforms. “It seemed to me the best platform there is for my kind of business, and that’s all there is to it. Also, it’s win-win when you think about it. I mean, why cater to a handful of big investors if you can make hundreds and thousands of smaller investors happy by allowing them to grow alongside your business?”

For his part, Emils Kerimovs, executive chairman of TFGCROWD, is more than happy about Hayot Khodjiev’s choice.

We don’t just admit any business onto our platform. Hayot Khodjiev has satisfied all of our very rigid vetting requirements, and I am pleased to partner with them until they reach their funding goals.


HOGA Real Estate GmbH is currently raising 224500€ worth of capital and are willing to reward potential backers with an interest rate of 8% for their investment over the duration of the term period.