The Double Like Burger & Lobster Story

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Working against all odds, Double Like Burger & Lobster has made rapid headway this year. What was just a beautiful idea a year ago, has now materialised into a trendy restaurant in the luxurious Jumeirah residential district that is gaining popularity among the local community fast.

It's no secret that the business faced many challenges during its formative phases caused by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Above all, finding ways to raise financing during these testing times was especially difficult. Partnering with TFG and the crowd of investors behind them proved to be a lifeline for this business idea. Their financial backing and the business owner's relentless efforts allowed this project to be built from the ground up and come to life for everyone to enjoy.

The Double Like Burger & Lobster Concept

Double Like Burger & Lobster is a fresh concept on the distinguished Dubai fast-food scene. While their menu offers just a handful of specialities, comprising of lobster and red-meat themed dishes, these are all of the outstanding quality and made from the freshest upmarket ingredients available, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Keeping in line with the current trends and the young generation's appetites, the place is modern, yet minimalistic, and offers limited seating arrangements. This supports the takeaway and delivery culture that's already very popular among the residents of Dubai.

Set within the trendy and well-off residential district of Jumeirah on the most famous foodie street in Dubai, the restaurant is currently targeting the city's true locals and natives. Therefore, first impressions and convenience are of utmost importance — locals in Dubai value businesses that are willing to go the extra mile while providing their services.

Double Like Burger & Lobster knows this and in addition to the indoor seating area, offers drive-by serving, meaning clients can make and receive their orders from the on-street waiters while enjoying the comfort of their own cars. Those not willing to pick up the food themselves can opt to order delivery through online delivery platforms like Talabat.

Their innovative concept is based on maximising turnover with minimum operating costs without compromising their outstanding quality, rapid service and convenience to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat consumers.

Double Like Burger & Lobster Expansion Plans

The Double Like restaurant in Dubai's Jumeirah district is just the beginning of the Double Like Burger & Lobster storybook. The owner sees this as the stepping stone in their journey to success and is already eyeing other prospective places around various other Dubai districts to ensure all residents of the buzzing city can conveniently access their signature dishes.

Similarly, they are not planning on catering just for the Dubai market in the future. Once the concept is established in Dubai, their expansion plans include opening the Double Like Burger & Lobster restaurants across the Middle East.

Places viewed as appropriate candidates for their expansion plans include, among others, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

To ensure that the expansion can be carried out efficiently, Double Like Burger & Lobster intends to partner with TFG as well as the investors on their crowdfunding platform also in the future to raise the required financing. There will, therefore, be attractive investment possibilities available to prospective investors. Additionally, Double Like Burger & Lobster is planning to offer franchise possibilities to investors willing to expand the brand in other countries.

The future for Double Like Burger & Lobster is looking very exciting. If you happen to be in Dubai but have not tried out their signature lobster rolls yet, make sure you do - influencers in the city swear these are the best in town!