Dubai: Investing in the Crown Jewel of the Middle East

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Investors seeking diversity and growth should look no further than Dubai, one of the top 10 financial centers in the world — and the Middle East’s most prosperous and iconic modern city.

Only five decades ago, Dubai wasn’t much more than a sleepy fishing village with a population numbered in the thousands. While its location along historic trade routes gave Dubai a positional advantage for commerce, it had been severely underutilized in modern times — until Dubai struck oil in the 1960s and began rapid development. Only a few short decades later, Dubai is now populated by millions and is one of the most affluent, safest, and highly-developed cities in the world.

Oil money built Dubai, but now it accounts for only 1% of its GDP. Today’s Dubai is bolstered by a thriving free-market capitalist economy that features a wide-range of investment industries from tourism and trade to banking, real estate, retail, transportation, research & development, IT, finance, technology innovation, and much more. With over 30 free-trade zones across the city, foreign investors may find that Dubai’s tax concessions and benefits are simply too good to pass by in a location with such an impressive growth factor — and one which serves as a financial hub for the entire Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Dubai is easily the biggest financial center in the Middle East and has recently gained entry into the top 10 financial centers of the world — signifying future growth potential across its gamut of industries and investment sectors.

The lack of income and capital gain tax helps attract workers, corporations, and investors from around the globe, further driving development and foreign migration as Dubai continue its futuristic expansion across both land and sea. With big investments in renewable energy and ecotourism on the horizon, Dubai is expected to see even more diversity in its economy in the years to come.

Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world and maintains very low crime statistics for a city of such size. Tourists typically report feeling safer in Dubai than they do while visiting other locations, and the city’s clean, safe, and abundant public transportation network is a boon for both locals and visitors alike. Companies operating in Dubai will find that its firm laws, security innovation, and security availability practically render crime inoperable in a city that often induces utopian vibes.

TFGcrowd is excited to announce that we are opening a Dubai branch and will be investing in a variety of projects and industries across the city. By utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience while partnering with local investment specialists, we will be giving our investors access to all Dubai has to offer and the greatest possibility of large gains on their investment capital. We encourage all of our partners and visitors to consider investing in Dubai and rest assured that TFGcrowd will always have their best interests in mind while focusing on calculated, profitable decisions now and in the future.