Escape Room Map, Skewer, and BBQ Grill N Bar: TFGcrowd’s Recent Success Stories

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“TFG Crowd is where great business ideas go to become great businesses.”

Many recognize the line above as TFGcrowd’s long-standing motto. However, for three companies who have partnered with us and brought their backer's phenomenal returns on their investments, it has become their reality.
Escape Room Map, Restaurant in Cambridge – Skewer, Restaurant – BBQ Grill N Bar – these are the names of TFGcrowd’s most recent success stories, all of which met their funding goals shortly after their partnership with TFGcrowd. The three companies partnered with TFGcrowd in hopes of raising the amount they need to fund their succeeding projects of interest.

Escape Room Map

Escape Room Map was one of the first companies to partner with TFGcrowd, and also one of the first to reach success. They sought to raise 30 000€ in capital to make improvements to their marketing strategy, and have offered their backers a 12% interest rate on any investment made on their campaign. Just recently, the project successfully concluded with 31 600€ pledged or 105% of their target amount.
“I could never have imagined how successful my campaign would be, especially with all the people around me telling me that crowdfunding wouldn’t work for my company,” says Jurijs Tomilovs, co-founder of Escape Room Map. “I went in really unsure at first, but I put out the best my company had to offer, our goals, and our vision front and center, and people responded positively to that.” In keeping with their campaign goals, Escape Room Map is now making the necessary improvements to their lineup of attractions, as well as to their brand reach.


The same could be said for Skewer, which has begun space improvements and construction they required capital for. Skewer’s sought to generate 100 000€ in capital to set up a restaurant on Cambridge’s premier shopping mall, The Grafton. They partnered with TFGcrowd and offered backers a substantial 17% return on their investments. This month, the campaign concluded with 100% of the funding reached, with 100 400€.
Its owner, Ali Karakilic, only had words of gratitude to say:

I couldn’t thank all the people who believed in my idea enough for investing a project that hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet. To be honest, I wasn’t really confident that people would fund my project with the amount I was asking. I know that that must have taken a leap of faith for each of them, and yet here we are, with a successfully funded campaign. It just blows my mind when I stop to think about it.

BBQ Grill N Bar

Likewise, BBQ Grill N Bar’s proprietor extends his thanks to everyone who helped him reach his campaign goals in such a short amount of time. BBQ Grill N Bar’s campaign was one of the later additions to TFGcrowd’s growing roster of investment opportunities, but that didn’t stop it from being one of its first few crowdfunding successes. It sought to raise 35 000€ to fund the space improvements it planned on making to improve his restaurant. Promising a 17% return on backers’ investments, the project quickly gained support, eventually meeting 100% of its target amount. “I could honestly say that we wouldn’t be here if not for the generosity of each individual investor, and I believe that deserve everything they’ve earned for their investment and more.”

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For his part, Emils Kerimov, founder of TFGcrowd, couldn’t be any happier with the success of the three companies. “As someone who has helped develop businesses for years, I know the feeling of having your head full of ideas and plans without having the means to fulfill them,” says Emils Kerimov, Founder of TFGcrowd.

I would like to take this chance to thank, not only the campaign sponsors for partnering with us but also each backer who believed in our platform enough to invest.

TFGcrowd is always actively looking for investment-worthy companies and projects that require funding. We wish nothing but the best to all the companies who have partnered with us with their goals and look forward to all current investments successfully repaid.
For now, our heartfelt congratulations to Escape Room Map, Skewer, and BBQ Grill N Bar!