Exploring the New Investment Plans

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Due to popular demand, we are excited to announce that this beautiful, magical Spring comes with three new and powerful investment plans added to our platform! These will allow investors the chance to build their financial freedom through investing in portfolios of creditworthy businesses and projects while maintaining much-valued flexibility in the longer term.

The three new plans differ in terms of the minimum required investment amount, maturity and offered returns, providing even more variety for investors to choose from. Here we would like to give a little insight into each of them and the benefits they offer.

Wise Plan

This investment plan has been designed for those looking to grow their wealth through steady returns while maintaining the flexibility in the medium term to either switch to other investment opportunities or withdraw the funds to cover any planned spending needs. It offers a lucrative 6% annual return and pays out interest on a weekly basis. The weekly payouts provide wise investors with an opportunity to reinvest these earnings and earn even more cash.

The relatively short 6-month maturity term and a low minimum required investment size of just €100 make this investment plan the ideal choice for those who are possibly just starting out on their investment journeys and wish to experience how it works.

Easy Returns

This smart investment strategy provides a hefty annual interest of 4% from as little an initial investment as €50. An added bonus is that interest is paid monthly rather than at the end of term, and you can amend your investment strategy quarterly, as the investment plan matures three months after you invest. Making money has, quite honestly, never been easier!

The underlying investment portfolio consists of a broad range of business, property, invoice and share finance, and all borrowing companies have been evaluated using the best credit rating providers' services, ensuring an unbiased risk/return appraisal.

Flexi Plan

A simple, straightforward and time-saving investment plan that allows investors to diversify their investments efficiently and flexibly. The offered 2% annual interest rate is a tad lower, but the plan provides unrivalled flexibility compared to longer-term investment options.

Allowing investors to earn returns on investments as little as €1, this investment plan is the ultimate pick for those who are fed up with banks holding their hard-earned cash and not paying interest. All invested funds in the plan accrue interest from the moment an investment is made, ensuring that your money constantly works in your favour. The best feature of the plan, though, is its short-term nature. It allows the potential investors an elasticity to withdraw the invested funds monthly in case of necessity. It simply doesn't get much better than this!

Enjoy the choice and let your money work for you each and every day with these new investment plans!