GROUNDBREAKING: Cofediction Coffee is 110% Funded – In Just 2 Days!

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Feeling a bit drowsy? Good. Because we have some news that will hop you right up:

Cofediction Coffee just reached 100% of its funding goal – in two days!

In an unprecedented turn of events, the UK-based coffee company was able to hit their 50’000€ goal just 48 hours after making their campaign live on TFGcrowd, marking the platform’s fastest campaign to reach full funding status yet. 

Cofediction Coffee is soon to be London’s most excellent supplier of freshly ground packaged coffee, coming to a café near you. They are makers of high-quality and meticulously researched speciality coffee blends that will delight your palate and give you the morning boost you need. They recently partnered with TFGcrowd to help them raise funding to get their business off the ground. A few days later, they have 55’370€ pledged to their business development efforts, courtesy of just 15 backers. The amount represents 110% of their original 50’000€ goal.

“Banks don’t really trust small businesses, let alone new businesses,” says proprietor of Cofediction Coffee. “If they did, we wouldn’t have had any trouble getting a reasonable loan from the last three banks we tried. The deck is stacked against us startups, and it’s no wonder why so many of us fail to get off the ground. We probably would have had the same story if not for the generosity of our backers. But we didn’t really expect things to move this fast either, to be honest.”

Last time, we reported how Laya Cosmetics, an up-and-coming cosmetics company, earned the title of quickest campaign to get funding after reaching its target amount in two weeks. Cofediction now holds that title after setting an all-time high record of 48 hours – a rate that was previously unheard of at TFGcrowd. 

When asked to comment on how they felt about this fantastic feat, the proprietor of Cofediction Coffee said “It’s our first campaign on any crowdfunding platform, and our high hopes were met with so much positivity. This has really boosted our confidence. If so many people believe in our product and our business model, then that must mean that it’ll stand any test that the market has in store for us. 

It wasn’t a mistake to partner up with such a great platform during our first time. We wouldn’t have found the quality of supporters we got otherwise, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


“When I heard about the news, I was ecstatic,” says Emil Kerimov, CEO of TFGcrowd. “It wasn’t that long ago when we were celebrating Laya Cosmetics’ 2-week funding run. To think that we’d manage to host a campaign that would reach its goal in a mere two days just a little while after is absolutely mind-blowing. I would like to extend my most heartfelt congratulations to Cofediction Coffee and to their backers. With prospects this great working in their favour, I see nothing but good things heading their way in the future.”