How it All Began: TFGcrowd's Road to Equity Crowdfunding

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Last week, we covered why we believe TFGcrowd to be one of, if not the best equity crowdfunding platforms in Europe in terms of growth potential for borrowers and investors alike.

It’s not mere boasting on our part, either. Extremely competitive interest rates of up to 17%, a failsafe system that guarantees that you get your money back, and easy access to high-quality equity offerings from all over Europe - our offerings speak for themselves. Couple these with the growing number of completed projects, the meteoric rise of our investor base and the ever increasing number of companies that sign up to partner with us, and it’s hard not to think that others feel the same way we do.


The Path to Alternative Financing

The fact is that TFGcrowd is well on its way to becoming the best place to turn profitable business ideas into profitable businesses. However, there was a time when TFGcrowd itself was an idea – one born from a frustration with traditional financing.

Having run my share of businesses in the past, I know for a fact how difficult traditional financing methods can be.

says Emil Kerimov, TFGcrowd’s Founder and current Executive Chairman. “I’ve seen so many companies with great ideas fail before they even begin because they couldn’t secure the funding they needed. I launched The Finance Group, Ltd. (TFG) back in 2015 intending to help companies of all sizes reach their full potential.”

TFG worked with various companies across the EEA, introducing them to alternative banking and finance solutions to help them get started on their companies and projects. “The idea behind it was to help companies beat the system by making them less reliant on banks and big-time investors and all the strings attached to their “generous” loans.” This met with great success, as expected, but I always felt that I wasn’t getting enough reach. Looking back, I really wasn’t.”


A Fortuitous Meeting

TFG would continue to grow as a premier source for alternative financing for the next three years. Emil, however, couldn’t shake the feeling that he was missing out on something that would take TFG to new heights – that is until he met with one Elans Dimitrijevs, currently TFG Crowd’s Chief Executive Officer. “I met with Emil by chance during a conference that we attended together,” says Elans. “We sat across each other, and the next moment, we were exchanging business cards.”

This chance meeting would develop into a friendship, and more importantly, a fruitful partnership that continues to turn the tide for businesses today. After all, it was Elans who pushed Emil to develop a crowdfunding arm to his financing business. “Emil told me about his amazing business model, and the first thing that came to mind was that he could turn that into an equity crowdfunding platform almost effortlessly. I offered to help him do just that, and the million-dollar decision was made – TFGcrowd was born.”

For his part, Emil says he just couldn’t let the opportunity pass. “Elans is a talented CEO that founded and built his business, Domenika Latvia, from the ground up and grew it to its current size in just 12 years. When he offered his services, and with the prospects ahead so great for equity crowdfunding platforms, I didn’t hesitate at all.”


All Systems Go

Today, both Elans and Emil stay committed to their goal of turning TFGcrowd into successful crowdfunding platform in Europe. The number of successfully funded projects like Schaeffer Nutraceuticals and the real estate project continue to grow each day, and more smaller investors than ever are raking in huge returns for their trust. More importantly, however, is the fact that, by offering crowdfunded solutions to dozens of new and growth-stage companies, TFGcrowd is helping transform Europe’s abysmal prospects for startups.

Government regulation for investments and lending in the EEA are impossible to keep up with when you’re a small company. When your sole intention is to build a business around an idea that you really believe in, looking for investors or securing funding for your project can be daunting

says Emil.

“Nobody looks forward to that. That’s why Elans and I work hard every day to vet and vouch for companies with good standing and let them grow alongside everyday investors, allowing them to give their full attention to making those profitable ideas come to life.”