Investing Made Easy

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Making a smart investment can actually make our financial life better. It will help in providing us with funds to make our dreams fulfilled. Investment planning is important before investment. TFGcrowd is offering different investment Plans-with the idea that you can invest in the project using a deposit in TFGcrowd accounts. TFGcrowd will further transfer the amount as a loan to the potential borrowers after completing all requisite formalities. In due course of time, the borrowers repay the interest payments.

Investment Types

It is worthwhile to comprehend a few investment types available with the platform of TFGcrowd, these are Business Finance, Share Finance, Property Finance, and Invoice Finance. 

Business Finance is a medium to long-term investment option whereby investors can finance a company by issuing a loan. Share Finance is a long term investment option. In this type, investors are allowed to own a piece of the companies that they wish to finance. Property Finance is a medium to long-term investment option wherein investors finance a company using a loan to acquire, develop, or renovate a property. Invoice Finance is a short-term investment option by issuing a loan against the company’s issued and unpaid invoices. 

Types of Investment Plans

Following are the main investment plans the TFGcrowd is offering:

  • Long Term Planning with a minimum investment of €1000 at a 26% annual interest rate;
  • Investment Growth with a minimum investment of €500 at 24% annual interest;
  • Beginners Investing with a minimum investment of €100 at 14% annual interest rate.

These investment plans are simple and time saving. Their main feature is to earn interest from the first day of investment meaning thereby they have an immediate return. Further, there are low-risk investments because only a small percentage of loan applications are approved. Moreover, it is easy to increase your investments as much as you want and whenever. 

The difference between Investment Plans

There are a few differences amongst the investment plans of TFGcrowd:

  • Plan term: The long-term Plan investment consists of a 36 months period whereas the Investment Growth Plan and Beginners Investing Plan have maturity periods of 24 and 12 months respectively. They all are different in terms of maturity length. You have a choice to select according to your convenience that suits your goals best.

  • Interest rate payments: The interest is accrued and paid monthly or weekly depending on the selected plan. The annual interest rate paid in respect of the Long Term Plan, Investment Growth, and Beginners Investing is 26%, 24%, and 14% respectively.

  • Minimum Investment: To get started with an annual program, you only need €100. However, to maximize your returns, you can also start with €500 and select a 2-year Investment Growth Plan that allows earnings 24% per year compared to 14% if you chose the Beginners Investing Plan. Moreover, you have another good option to further maximize your investment quantum and consider the Long-term plan that is also worth investing at a 26% annual interest rate with a minimum investment of €1000.


There are a lot of upsides and advantages of TFGcrowd investment plans. They can take the deposit from their customers and then lend it out to local businesses and projects. It has a more streamlined application process as compared to going to a bank. You can pitch your project to a group of investors rather than a single entity. Its website gives you the ability to secure a loan for a mortgage, business, working capital, and more. This funding can help to leverage your existing assets while also offering or profitable opportunity to investors on the platform.