July 2020 Update

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We have shown resilience within the unprecedented times and have kept working on the development of our business. As a result, despite the forced closure of numerous p2p lending platforms in Europe, we launched TFGcrowd Marketplace and updated the user interface of TFGcrowd investment accounts. With the introduction of the Marketplace we automated and also made the application process for financing easier and more transparent for both investors and businesses. 

Besides, we update you on our growing scale of the projects launched, successfully funded and repaid for July 2020:

  • 30 projects in total have been launched on TFGcrowd platform within July
  • 6 projects financed through TFGcrowd platform have been successfully repaid in full
  • 26 projects have been successfully funded
  • All interest has been paid on time on all projects
  • No projects have defaulted

While our investors actively place funds into the projects they find attractive to get paid for, we invest in our platform improvement roadmap adding more capacity to our existing facilities. All you have on our platform is how we start. Let’s see how we move forward. As planned, we will offer more Invoice Financing projects to satisfy the need for diversity. 

August will be intensive, inspiring and full of new projects — stay up to date!

We do our best in order to be able to adjust to any scenario and thank our fellow investors for all the support! 

Yours faithfully,
TFGcrowd Team