Laya Cosmetics and their TFGcrowd Journey

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Healthy, beautiful, and guilt-free tresses: that's the Laya Cosmetics' guarantee that's made their products all the rage on social media.
The trends don't lie: the natural cosmetics industry is on the rise globally, and the startup Laya Cosmetics, calls it's base of operations. You don't even have to look at the statistics to determine as much. Visit your average beauty and cosmetics forums or social media pages, and one thing will be clear: chemicals are out, natural ingredients are in.
This couldn't be more opportune for Laya Cosmetics, which hopes to ride this upward trend for the natural cosmetics industry with their revolutionary hair care products. Their signature shampoo, for one, uses the miracle compounds found in Nordic cotton which naturally defrizz, moisturize, nourish hair. Their product is a far cry from popular shampoos that dominate the market today, which have uncertain effects at best and have been linked to cancers at worst.
"In many ways, we believe that our products are bigger than us in that it's part of a greater movement," says Aleksejs Muhacovs founder and CEO of Laya Cosmetics. "Natural cosmetics are the future, and we firmly believe that. Laya Cosmetics is dedicated to pursuing a future of cosmetics that's free from harmful chemicals and morally questionable practices like animal testing, which is thoroughly cruel and barbaric, especially if you're familiar with the facts."
But even Aleksejs Muhacovs knows that his ideas alone won't make the company thrive.

Setting up a company from the ground up is serious business. We managed to get off the ground and develop our first product, but only after going through several hoops that the banks put us through for our loan. When I thought I have to go through all of that again each time I wanted to expand our line of products, it was downright discouraging.

When it came time to take the next step for their business – the development of a new line of conditioners using the same formula – Aleksejs Muhacovs started to look for alternative sources of funding. She says she found TFGcrowd thanks to the recommendation of a friend who was investing on the site at the time.
"After getting in touch with TFGcrowd and seeing what they can do for us, I was immediately on board. From the research we've done, we found them to be the best place for startups like us to generate the capital we needed without incurring significant overhead. Plus, we get the chance to build an audience around our products while generating funding for it at the same time. It's entirely positive as it gets for us, and we believe that it's just what the natural cosmetics movement needs."
"Companies driven with a good vision are rare, and they benefit society and the economy when they succeed," says Elans Dimitrijevs, TFGcrowd's Business Development Partner. "That's why TFGcrowd is resolved to helping Laya Cosmetics reach their funding goal in every way it can. I do not doubt that their passion will help them attract investors faster and ultimately result in their success."