Minimising the Risks of Lending

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In the previous blog, we were discussing the ins and outs of business credit scores and their importance in investing. We’ve pointed out the way we evaluate our borrowers using Creditsafe online business portfolios and reports. 

What we’d love to bring to the surface upon this message is the way we've landed our German newcomers, which have applied for finance through the Marketplace and are placing attractive and high-interest projects on the platform. Creditreform, whom we’ve partnered with for risk assessment and credit check purposes, have been able to meet our demand in providing with up-tp-date financial credentials on the German-based businesses.



Being confident and competent enough, Creditreform has built a huge international network specialising on the ever-stronger global German market. Their international presence is a task number one and they succeed in assisting companies from abroad to do business securely. With 167 offices all over the globe and 4,5K employees in the pocket, they continue spreading around and being a helping hand when it comes to solvency check management decisions. 

Being reliable in the eyes of our investors is at the very heart of us. It is, therefore, crucial to put any newcoming business through the path of business check and its scoring. Trust is always a great idea, but the solvency check is way better and safer.