Organic Agriculture Market Outlook

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So far so good,  we're excited to share that a number of agro-projects have been launched and successfully funded throughout our Platform. This is another indication of the agro market expected growth in the meantime. 

Have a quick look at the key points of agriculture market outlook summarized below:

No signs of slowing are expected in terms of plant-based production for the near future in the EU countries. Quite the opposite, eco-friendly products are a striking trend in the modern-day reality. Quantitatively, in support of the agro-production sector to become trendy, the land used for arable crops is expected to increase in an amount up to 50% compared to 2020. As for the income from the market, EU cereal prices will remain stable over the next decade. 

Uncertain environment, in which agricultural markets operate due to climate change and ever-changing weather conditions, pose market volatility risks. Indeed, arable crops, namely protein-rich crops and soya bean products, as reported in the EU agricultural outlook, 2018-2030, will remain in demand, since it is expected to continue growing to 325 mln. t until 2030. The demand is a driver for the stronger growth of EU cereal products, which is however limited by the inability of the territorial expansion and slower yield growth in the context of the EU countries.  

The ambiguity of the agricultural market prosperity always sows the seed of greater motivation for the farmers and industry influencers to engineer alternative production systems.

In line with the report, the global agricultural products consumption is well increasing, which gives numerous opportunities for the EU market to compete seriously for global market share.  

Moreover, Europeans are eager to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle with balanced and nutritious meals. Cereals and rich-protein crops are undeniably essential. In order not to make dieting and nutrition a rocket science, people’s commitment to enriching the ration with the crops and proteins is simply a fresh impetus for the eco-market development in Europe and at the global level as a whole.