Skewer: Their TFGcrowd Story

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Interview with Skewer - Restaurant in Cambridge

Great food cooked over hot coals, culinary delights served with a smile, happiness all around – with your help, that’s what Skewer at the Grafton can be. 

The Grafton Centre in Cambridge is one of the most established shopping centres in the area, and you can find anything and everything inside its time-honoured halls. Since its founding a few decades ago, Londonites have flocked to its doors to take care of their groceries, get their hair done, or grab a bite of their favourite grub at their restaurant of choice. 

What made you decide on the Grafton Centre for Skewer?

-We could have picked literally anywhere else, but we chose the Grafton because if you need it, they’re certain to have it. But one thing they don’t have at the moment is a restaurant that serves grilled food primarily, and I’m planning on renting out space for just that. 

Why grilled food?

-I’ve always been a big fan of great grilled food; there’s nothing quite like it because they’re dishes you can serve on any occasion. They’re great for celebrating like birthdays; they’re awesome as comfort food when you’re not having the best day – I want to build that kind of inclusive restaurant that you can come to as you are and have great food, every day of the week.

You seem really confident about Skewer’s success. Any reason for that?

-The Grafton’s prospects for this kind of restaurant are good, basically. In all the years that I’ve visited the Grafton, nothing’s really changed. People still visit in throngs, the selection of stores and items are still as diverse. It’s gotten more popular recently if anything. And you should see how packed it gets by lunch time.

That’s reassuring. Are there any concrete plans on the actual location on the mall yet?

-I’m eyeing a few spots here and there, but the plan is to go for one with great visibility. And for that, I need more money. I do have some saved up to build my dream restaurant, but it’s not nearly enough to get the construction funded all the way through. 

I see. What are the biggest challenges that you think you face right now?

-What I learned so far is that starting a restaurant is surprisingly expensive and that starting a great restaurant is doubly so. It also takes up much time, and I know how stringent banks can be about their loan requirements.

And you hope to address that through crowdfunding?

-Yes, through equity crowdfunding. I actually found TFG Crowd, before all of this, and back then I was on the other side of the investment equation. I’ve been part of other equity crowdfunding campaigns as an investor on TFG Crowd, and I’ve been a fan of the process from day one. When one of the projects I’ve invested into met its funding goal recently, I thought that it was worth trying it out for my own business idea.

Why not other alternative financing options?

-Part of the charm of equity crowdfunding is that it’s very startup friendly. Many phase one companies like Skewer don’t have significant capital on hand, and platforms like TFGCROWD are especially beneficial for our first round of funding since we won’t be expected to oblige expensive reporting requirements. I’m fairly confident that TFGCROWD can offer me and my dream restaurant the right opportunities that I need to make things work. 
Skewer is currently raising 100000€ worth of capital and are willing to reward potential backers with an interest rate of 17% for their investment over the duration of the term period.