Specialisation is the Key to Future

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Dear Investors,

As you know, TFGcrowd is a continuous work in progress - we keep aiming to enhance the user experience every step of the way to achieve a flawless investment journey for all the platform users.

You may remember that back in 2020, Business Accounts were introduced onto our platform, allowing business owners the opportunity to invest their spare cash and diversify their investments to different sectors and countries. Over the past year, this part of our platform has grown much more significantly than we expected when it was first launched.

In the beginning, our team considered Business Accounts to be just an extension of our services. Yet, over time we saw that business investors contribute a much higher proportion of the funds lent to businesses raising financing than individual investors. This, in turn, has meant that our team has had to reconsider our future strategic goals and priorities.

Over the past year, we have spent hours upon hours looking at the dynamics and statistics of investments being made by individual vs business investors. We have also discussed the areas where improvements were needed, and identified those improvements that would bring the highest benefits to all those involved in the process.

We can now confirm that two very significant changes are coming to our platform very soon. This time, rather than expanding our service offering, we will be removing some services. We believe that specialising on the provision of fewer services will allow us to direct and concentrate our efforts more efficiently on the part of our business that has now become core:

  • Firstly, from November 2021, individuals will no longer be able to conclude new financing agreements on our platform. Only Business Account holders will be permitted to conclude new financing agreements. These changes do not affect any existing financing agreements, as these stay in force as per their terms and conditions;
  • Secondly, a higher minimum investment threshold of EUR 20'000.00 will be introduced on all financing agreements to be concluded through Business Accounts. This decision will enable us to extend a more personalised client support to all the involved parties, thereby improving the level of customer care we provide.

We understand that over the years, many of you have grown to appreciate the possibility to easily diversify your investment portfolio using the services of our platform and that the new terms will create barriers for many of you to continue this. However, these improvements are expected to benefit more users and allow our platform to grow to a whole new level in the future, providing much-needed financing options for the new and growing business ventures out there.

As always, we remain at your service for any questions you may have, and we look forward to continuing looking for new, lucrative investment options with those of you who hold Business Accounts on our platform.

Yours sincerely,
TFGCrowd Team