Why TFGcrowd is Objectively Better than the Competition

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Whether you’re planning on venturing as an investor or as a business looking to raise some much-needed funding, one thing is for sure in the world of investment crowdfunding: your platform of choice will have a dramatic impact on the success of your campaign.

In 2017, a study was conducted in the Journal of Consumer Marketing with the sole intent of answering the crucial question. It analysed several factors related to investment crowdfunding through user perceptions through a survey of more than 200 participants. The answer they found? An unequivocal yes:

Attitudes towards a website, including online crowdfunding platforms, are less favourable when the platforms appear less useful and difficult to use… In particular, internet platforms should enhance the ease of use and security associated with their payment systems, as well as perceptions of their use among their potential contributors.

Your Platform Matters

However, there’s more at stake than user perceptions. The fact of the matter is not all platforms are created equal, and some are better attuned to your campaign’s needs and your niche market than others. Not having the right tools and campaign structures that you need for the kind of campaign you’ll be launching can be a headache enough, but it pales in comparison to not being able to reach your target audience just because they’re not the demographic to frequent your website of choice.

Your choice of platform matters. And when it comes to equity crowdfunding campaigns in Europe, TFGCROWD is, objectively speaking, your best bet. Here are a few reasons why that’s the case.


We Want You to Succeed

We’re pretty transparent about it, too. That’s because unlike most platforms, we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, whether you’re an investor or a campaign creator. TFGCROWD doesn’t see a single cent of revenue until a campaign is fully funded, which means we only get a cut after you reap all of the rewards of your hard work or your trust.


We Make Rewards Truly Rewarding

We’re not under the illusion that we’re the only crowdfunding platform operating in Europe. We’re aware of competitor sites and the fact that they have been around longer. However, there’s a reason why we’re gaining traction at such an unprecedented rate: people are ditching the average return rates of 9% up to 12% offered by other platforms for our generous rates that max out at 17%.

Our secret? There is no secret. We merely find sound investment opportunities and make it a point to partner up only with high-profile startups and growth-stage companies with premium equity projections.

We Offer Safe Investment Opportunities

We realise that the majority of the backers on equity crowdfunding platforms are first-time investors, and are prone to losing capital due to bad diversification. That’s why we made it a point to provide you with a safety net through our Money Guarantee program, which means that your money will be returned on the event that the project you’re backing fails to collect its target loan amount. It’s a feature offered by a handful of equity-based crowdfunding platforms, and it’s a safety net feature that assures you a win-win scenario when you invest with us.


A Truly Diverse Selection of Investment Opportunities

Before investment crowdfunding, you had to scour your area or country to find prime equity stocks. Today, we do all that hard work for you.

TFGCROWD offers you a broad selection of different investment opportunities that go through the full range of industries from all across the continent. If you’re looking to cast your lot with the food industry, investments on companies like Skewer and BBQ Grill N Bar are prime investment examples. If you want to try your luck with the beauty industry, there’s Le Beautique Spain London, and Kapteinu Osta in Salacgriva. We also have profitable real estate projects with high equity projections available, such as Building renovation in Forst, Germany.

More people are choosing TFGCROWD more than ever, and it’s not too difficult to see why. Investing with us is not only safe, but it’s also immensely more profitable than what a lot of the competition offers. Try us today and grow your business or your investment portfolio to heights you never dreamed possible before.