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Dr. Elnur Huseynov
Dr. Elnur Huseynov
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Invest in Alan Logistics GmBh.

Alan Logistics GmbH is one of the most promising and rapidly expanding companies in the financing industry to date. With well-established presence and an impeccable reputation in the trading and logistics industries, the company has in more recent years expanded its operations to the financing industry.

They were founded in 2011 by a group of trade and cargo carriage experts from market-leading transport companies who believed they could offer better logistics services that would raise the bar for the entire industry. Since then, the company has gained a name for itself as a reliable partner in strategic and efficient transports among its many clients and has been noted for offering world-class services that exceed expectations.

Through working closely with their clients in trading and logistics industries, the team realized that most of their clients were very often strapped for cash due to their working capital being tied up in goods, while they were transported long distances across the globe from suppliers or while they are waiting for payments from their overseas customers and could grow their businesses at a much faster pace, if this were not the case. Therefore, the company decided to expand its service portfolio by venturing into Trade and Export Financing, where they help guarantee timely payments for suppliers and improve the working capital situation of their clients.

The company’s direct contracts with manufacturers, unique insight into the industry, competitive pricing, and professional and personal customer service have all helped distinguish them from the rest of the competition in the field.


Business model

Alan Logistics GmbH currently provides two financing services to their clients:

1. Trade Finance

Helping their clients purchase goods both globally and domestically on a larger scale, by bridging their cashflow during the times, when their clients are waiting for the goods to be transported from suppliers.

Trading in goods can be extremely challenging, especially, when buying from overseas suppliers, which often demand up-front payments, meaning valuable working capital gets tied up in goods, while they are transported across the globe.

Alan Logistics GmbH provides a solution to this for their clients, by paying the suppliers on their behalf and allowing the clients to cover the invoice, once goods arrive. This means their clients can grow their businesses at a much faster pace than otherwise would be possible.





2.  Export Finance

Improving their clients’ competitiveness by allowing them to offer better payment terms to their customers, by bridging their client’s cash flow while they are waiting to be paid by their customers.

Selling goods overseas can be challenging, waiting to be paid by the customers can be even more so, by adding an unnecessary strain to the company’s cash flow. Alan Logistics GmbH offers its clients the possibility to improve their cash flow by paying the invoices they have issued once the goods are shipped to their customers and collecting the money once the invoices are due, giving their client’s a competitive advantage when negotiating payment terms with their customers.


Investor benefits and loan security


·         Personal guarantee of the Borrowers’ shareholders & CEO

·         Guarantee of the Borrower

·         All issued capital covered by 100% insurance


The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee: thus, if a borrower is late with the repayment of the loan, TFGCROWD will compensate the investors both the invested principal amount and interest, as well as pay the accrued interest after 30 days of delay.


Financing requested

400 000€ to increase their working capital.

Max. target: 400 000€

Min. target: 100 000€








Loan term
24 months
Interest rate
17% per year

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