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Investor Benefits and Loan Security

German-based real estate development company, is planning to develop an apartment building in Görlitzer Straße, with 14 apartments units, of a total size of 1,455.63 sq.m. on a recently acquired piece of land situated in Frankfurt’s (Oder) residential district of Gubener Vorstadt,  a green district where you can live quietly and still close to the city.

Why invest in Apartment Construction through TFGcrowd?

1. The company has recently acquired a plot of land in the Frankfurt worth €500,000 free of any mortgages and encumbrances (see proof attached in the documents section);

2. They have invested €50,000 into drafting building plans 14-flat apartment building (see project info attached in the documents section);

3. The construction costs are estimated to be around €2,346,800 (see cost estimate in the documents section);

4. The company has partnered with TFGcrowd to raise €500,000 of capital in three rounds through crowdfunding, to be able to start construction works and get the development ready as soon as possible.
The next stage of the construction development will be receiving a bank loan, which will ensure they have enough funds to cover their costs. The initial construction works of the company would have been completed by that time so that the bank would be able to initiate the process of securing the loan. As the banks are reluctant to borrow money before the first stage of construction has been completed.

5. Developer partnered with TFGcrowd to raise additional €500,000 of capital through crowdfunding. The funds will be raised in three rounds, €150,000 twice and €200,000 respectively;

6. The flats for sale prices currently range between €2,800 and €3,000 per square meter;

7. The estimated project profit before tax is around €1,100,000;

8. The developer will start reservations for the purchase of apartments by receiving 10% of the total property value;

9. For their generosity, investors investing in this project will be given 19,9% annual interest rate that will be paid at the end of the loan period, 12 months. The company is currently looking to raise €200,000 in financing with a minimum target of €150,000.

Interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!

The following pledges secure the loan:

  • Loan security on the existing land and property
  • The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee

Invest in Apartment Building Construction

So what is more important to you communication or solitude?

You do not want to live in a place far from the big city, but at the same time do not like its bustle. Do you want to live in a place where you could make new friends and acquaintances, while being able to get away with yourself and enjoy nature, walking through the parks and along the promenade, having the opportunity to visit cozy restaurants that convey the incredible atmosphere of the city?

That means that Frankfurt (Oder) is perfect place where you would want to live!

But there is also added value: Germany's economic activity and social guarantees are able to provide stability and a sense of security. These circumstances mean an increase in the country's population. In turn, this means less available housing and higher prices for the purchase or rental of real estate. This is a perfect prerequisite to build, sell and earn!

The developer company, after a recent acquisition of a sizeable piece of land, is now moving forward to develop it into a contemporary 14-flat apartment building.

Taking advantages from the growing demand on housing in Frankfurt (Oder), they expect quick sells and reasonably goodprices. Real estate development efforts will be focused on building an apartment from scratch and equipping it with all the amenities that are necessary for a comfortable living - courtyard area as a private green and play area, visitor parking spaces, storage rooms, 3 living floors with 14 apartments, passenger elevator, wheelchair accessible etc.

If you believe in investing in housing, then for you investing in Apartment Construction is the right choice.

Market Outlook

Frankfurt an der Oder is a small city in East Germany and belongs to the federal state of Brandenburg, which in the post-war years has restored, therefore, biggest part of the city consists of modern buildings. The city is boundary and to get from Germany to Poland, all that is needed is to walk two hundred meters. The city is known for its Gothic churches, parks and botanical gardens where anyone can reunite with nature. This is a great place to relax from life in a big city, the population of the town is only 58.000 residents. Walking along the ancient streets of Frankfurt an der Oder, anyone can plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the city thanks to the narrow old streets, pedestrian zones, and visiting the church on the city square feel the incredible atmosphere of the thirteenth century.

Despite the fact that Frankfurt an der Oder is a small city with a small population, the economy of the city is focused on logistics, and it is a large cargo terminal. It also has a significant scientific community, including the Institute of Innovation for High Performance Microelectronics, which is a major employer in this area.

Currently, the city is a progressive and cultural place, which is a great place for accommodation, place where you can build an ideal home for living.

Frankfurt is a busy road and rail transit point for trade with Eastern Europe, and it has an inland harbor on the Oder. Known for the production of machinery, furniture, food, shoes and textiles. Therefore, locals as well as visitors are always provided with work.

Loan term
12 months
Interest rate
19.9% per year
Expected Return