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Invest in building renovation in Forst

If you aim to lead the kind of life that lets you stop and smell the roses, you can do no better than to reside in the border city of Forst and bask in the florid delights its renowned Rose Garden has to offer.

Good living spaces in Forst, however, are increasingly becoming hard to come by. The city has seen phenomenal growth these past few decades, and its rising population is a testament to that fact. More people, however, also means a decreasing pool of housing options for people who wish to immigrate to Forst. So far, residential areas near urban spaces have proven to be choice targets for high demand, even as the supply of available homes continues to dwindle.

The local realty industry’s response to this, of course, is property development: specifically, building renovations and housing unit refurbishing are gaining momentum in the region. HOGA Real Estate GmbH multi-family houses planned for Fruchstrasse is part of this ongoing trend and is set to become prime property picks due to their proximity to the city’s urban centres and recreational spaces.

The forthcoming property development efforts will focus on renovating these homes into beautiful, semi-furnished housing complexes that can house people who are keen on their privacy but value accessibility to their urban necessities. Having seen the immense potential for the project, the developers have openly expressed their high expectation that high demand and reasonable rent rates are all but guaranteed.

If you’re looking for high-quality equities from a real estate development project with real potential, you will find no better opportunity than investing in this project.


Investor Benefits and Loan Security

HOGA Real Estate GmbH is one of the leading real estate developers in Forst, and they have recently secured property rights over two buildings in Fruchtstrasse. Right now, they have their sights set on redeveloping these properties through extensive renovations with the intent of transforming them into high-value apartment complexes capable of housing 24 apartments. For this, they require 224,500 € in capital to cover the final estimate of expenses – an amount they are seeking to finance through crowdfunding. By partnering with TFG Crowd, they hope to raise the full amount and are willing to reward potential investors with an annual interest rate of 8%. For their generosity, HOGA Real Estate GmbH has promised monthly payouts throughout the loan term of 24 months.


The following pledges secure the loan:

·         A pledge on buildings

·         Personal guarantee of the Borrowers’ shareholders & CEO

·         Guarantee of the Borrower


The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee: thus, if a borrower is late with the repayment of the loan, TFGCROWD will compensate the investors both the invested principal amount and interest, as well as pay the accrued interest after 30 days of delay.


Market Outlook

Due east of urban Cottbus, and bordering Poland to the west, is the beautiful town of Forst, which rests on the tranquil banks of Lusatian Neisse. A region rich in history, it is home to many Victorian-era structures and monuments, all preserved by Forst denizens’ common love for their cultural heritage.

For some, Forst is a beautiful, temperate place to spend your summers in. For a growing number of people, however, living in Forst in Brandenburg, Germany has become something to be coveted. The city, for one, is not too urban, and not too rural – it’s one of those rare places that allow you the quiet of country life while affording you all the luxuries of city living. Settling down in Forst gives individuals and families the comfortable and unhurried lives they are looking for – if they even manage to find a suitable living space, that is.

As the population continues to expand, the supply of living spaces continues to drop. That’s why renovating and refurbishing existing buildings have become indispensable resources for the city. The goals of such efforts are many, but their primary mission is to overcome space and resource limitations by creating more space and bring Forst’s oldest buildings to meet the latest safety and technical standards. As a result, building extensions and attic conversions are now viewed as better, more feasible alternatives to establishing new buildings.

There’s much to be said about Fruchtstrasse, but none are as worthy of mention as its accessibility to urban, recreational, and cultural places. It’s strategically located near convenient public transport links, and are just a few blocks away from key government offices and schools. Neighboring streets are also littered with several recreational spaces such as bowling alleys, restaurants, and various shops dealing in different wares. Standpark Mitte, a local park, also sits just outside planned housing complex, and a major park reserve can be visited only 20 kilometers away from the building.

HOGA Real Estate GmbH sees these houses as an opportunity of a lifetime, and are looking for partner investors to help them grab hold of their goals.


Loan term
24 months
Interest rate
8% per year

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