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Project Information

CALCITY Industrial park is a project founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs from Canni Exci group from the United States and Switzerland. Canni Exci LLC is a special purpose vehicle for this project. CALCITY Industrial park combines a professional cultivation approach, with the latest technologies and a skillful team that strictly adheres to high-level quality standards in the cannabis industry.

Located in the State of California, the largest legal cannabis market in the world, Canni Exci LLC develops 6 acres of land licensed for 66,000 sq ft of canopy area. We have the means to make a cutting edge investment offer for you. It lets anyone from all around the world get started in the cannabis industry with us.

Early-stage investments are converted into shares upon maturity date, where investors can expect constant value growth along with a 15-85% rate of return*.

*Please note that interest will accrue at the end of the first year of investment via one time payment. Starting second-year dividends will be paid quarterly.


  • To develop a fully vertically integrated cannabis brand that ensures traceability and transparency and increase the size of a loyal customer base by offering a broad range of high-quality products.
  • Strategic plans of Canni Exci include the listing of the company in the Canadian stock market by 2025. This will provide shareholders the possible opportunity to exit their investments and reaping high returns.

Value Proposition

  • 6 acres of industrially zoned land in California City, CA.
  • Cultivation licenses for recreational and medical use cannabis (66K sq ft of canopy area).
  • Full automation based on machine learning.
  • Experienced talent with seasoned market knowledge.
  • Access to the latest relevant market data on the strength of partnership with "Hello Mary" - an online marketplace for cannabis.
  • Exclusive cooperation with HelloMary will ensure strong market representation on the one hand and secure stable sale-prices on the other.


  • Full automation of climate control, irrigation, and lighting using a machine learning-based automation get the best results by better application of the learned techniques every other time, with the company's proprietary technology the company aiming at achieving over 5 crops per year. Minimization of manual interference into the processes decreases the business costs by ~15%.
  • Use of UV lights allowing higher yields and better potency. The company's technological ambition is to achieving over 72 grams of yield per crop. The vertical cultivation approach lets them use a canopy space most efficiently.
  • Cheap and efficient use of solar panels with 271 sunny days per year in California City. They are saving a significant amount on energy costs and staying environmentally safe. Also, business-friendly City policy lets them gain thousands in tax credits for the use of renewable energy.



MATURITY DAY OF CONVERTIBLE LOAN - 12 months after the date of investment

PAYBACK START PERIOD - 12 months after the date of investment

INTEREST PAID - Interest starts accruing starting from the first day of investment and will be paid out once after 12 months of investment have elapsed. Dividends will thereafter be paid on a quarterly basis.

INVESTMENT TYPE - Share Finance Convertable loan.


  • First-year - 15% fixed return.
  • Second-year and going forward - dividend return is proportional to an investment made.

Expected I
nvestment Return

Here is a classic example of a reliable way to grow funds without effort investing in Share Finance.

Investment Opportunity

Where your investment converts into equity which can be sold anytime you want accordingly to the market price.

Your investment into a convertible loan will be converted into shares at the nominal value of your investment at the project inception.

In light of substantial industry growth potential and know-how, the value of your investment is expected to grow significantly in the course of the next 5 years. 

You will get a 15% guaranteed fixed return in the first year of operation as a convertible loan holder. Once your loan is converted into equity in the second year, you may expect an attractive regular dividend return and a share value increase.


Project Stage

The rapid increase of shares (units).

November 2021
Total project cost 25,000,000 USD
Crowdfunding Investment needed 5,000,000 USD
convertible into shares (units) 

May 2022
Total project cost 25,000,000 USD
Crowdfunding Investment needed 5,000,000 USD
convertible into shares (units)

November 2022
Total project cost 25,000,000 USD
Shareholders contribution 14,000,000 USD
Planned to be funded primarily from company cash flows from operating activities.



Located just 100 miles from Los Angeles, California City has perfect conditions for cannabis business and utilization of renewable energy.

The three licensing authorities are working together to ensure that all cannabis and cannabis-related products are tested according to title 16 of the California code of regulations, section 5715 of the Bureau’s regulations, and all other applicable laws before they are distributed to dispensaries for public sale and consumption.


Investing in Shares

A share is a percentage of ownership in a company. Investors who hold shares of a company are known as shareholders. So if you own one, you own a little bit of the company and a proportion of the company's value.

The deal is structured as follows:


1. Investors choose to invest their funds into one of the convertible projects (Share Finance) on the TFGcrowd platform.


2. TFGcrowd aggregates and transfers the funds to the respective company. Effectively, investors are giving the company a convertible loan, which will pay 26% annual interest for the first year.


3. After the first year the investments will be converted into shares of the respective company and the shares will be distributed to the investors proportionally to their investments.


4. An authorised nominee shareholder will hold the issued shares on behalf of the investors. Each investor will be issued a share certificate and will be recorded as the owner of their shares in the nominee register.


5. After conversion the investors have the following options:
a) Sell or transfer the title to their shares to any other active TFGcrowd user by informing the nominee and providing them with any information they request.
b) Keep title to the shares and receive any dividends the company may pay. The dividends paid by the company may differ each year and the company is not obliged to pay dividends if it decides not to.
c) If the company is sold, its investors may profit from the sale, if there has been an increase in their share value (for example, if you had bought shares for €100 and in 3 years’ time the shares have grown in value to €300, your profit will be €200).


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07.01.2021 EXCI California City Industrial Park
Loan term
365 days
Interest rate
15% first year and up to 85% in the following years
Expected Return