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The global chemicals industry is an important part of the global economy and the industry’s global annual revenues are estimated to be almost four trillion dollars according to Statista. Mixing various chemical substances together creates thousands of different products that are used in everyday modern life as we know it.

Invest in Chemicals Factory

Since entering the chemicals production business the borrower has created a diversified portfolio of cosmetics, personal care, and cleaning product lines, providing their established client base with a wide array of choices. They continue to invest in the growth of their business and capital upgrades are underway to further support the production of more complex specialty products.

Over the years to come, the industry is predicted to record gains driven mainly by demand from emerging nations that represent huge potential for international companies, offering superior quality products when compared with locally produced goods to substantial populations with rising income levels.



The borrowers’ in-house technology masters are able to flexibly cater to the shifting needs and trends and provide their clients with both ready-made products, as well as tailor products in accordance with the recipes provided by the client, thereby giving them a competitive advantage.

The borrower of the investment proposal in this lucrative industry is looking to raise financing for the expansion of their production plant. Potentially interested investors are invited to conclude a non-disclosure agreement to gain access to in-depth information about the borrower and the business project.



Investing in Shares

A share is a percentage of ownership in a company. Investors who hold shares of a company are known as shareholders. So, if you own one, you own a little bit of the company and a proportion of the company's value.

The deal is structured as follows:


1. Investors choose to invest their funds into one of the Share Finance projects on our crowdfunding platform.


2. TFGcrowd aggregates and transfers the funds to the respective company. Effectively, investors are giving the company a convertible loan.


3. After a set time period the investments will be converted into shares of the respective company and the shares will be distributed to the investors proportionally to their investments.


4. An authorised nominee shareholder will hold the issued shares on behalf of the investors. Each investor will be issued a share certificate and will be recorded as the owner of their shares in the nominee register.


5. After conversion the investors have the following options:
a) Sell or transfer the title to their shares to any other active TFGcrowd user by informing the nominee and providing them with any information they request.
b) Keep title to the shares and receive any dividends the company may pay. The dividends paid by the company may differ each year and the company is not obliged to pay dividends if it decides not to.
c) If the company is sold, its investors may profit from the sale, if there has been an increase in their share value (for example, if you had bought shares for €100 and in 3 years’ time the shares have grown in value to €300, your profit will be €200).




Loan term
365 days
Interest rate
0% per year
Expected Return