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Why choose an Investment Plan?

Minimum entry point amount. You can start your investment journey from €50.

Maturity length. Investment term that best suits your financial goals.

Regular interest rate payments. The interest is accrued and paid monthly. You can see and follow how your wealth is growing and re-invest the earnings to make more money. 

Fixed annual interest. You can earn up to the interest amount specified in the selected investment plan without picking and mixing investments yourself to achieve your target returns.

Diversified and optimized investment portfolio without any effort from your side. You do not have to spend time on market research and due diligence to shape your investment portfolio – the investment objects included in each plan are already hand-picked for you to ensure the best balance between the risks and interest paid. 

Invest in multiple assets & countries via a single platform. You make a single investment, while the deposited amount is invested into a range of investment objects across various countries at the same time with no effort from your side. 


Where will your money be invested through an Investment Plan?

The trick to safe investments lies in evaluating the risk/return relationship and diversifying. A carefully selected and diversified investment portfolio has been created and will be expanded over time, consisting of Property, Business, and Invoice Finance across different countries and various business sectors. The proportions may vary over time depending on the availability of secure investment possibilities, projected offered returns, and durations of each investment type.

Risks Involved

Carefully selected and created diversified investment portfolio, which consists of Property, Business, Invoice and Share Finance.

Invoice Finance


Business Finance


Property Finance



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Loan term
365 days
Interest rate
4% per year
Expected Return