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Invest in Escape Room Map.

Looking to test your mystery-solving chops? Experience the thrill of every Escape Room quest genre all over Riga and Latvia at ESCAPE ROOM MAP!

ESCAPE ROOM MAP partners with local escape room businesses and reproduces their most popular escape rooms at their locations in Riga and Sigulda. Whether it’s fantasy, horror, or traditional mystery, ESCAPE ROOM MAP’s best-of-all-worlds approach has made it a prime hub for fun quality time for friends and family. Despite their current limited scale, the company’s rooms have become popular choices for parties and team building activities in Latvia. Featuring the most popular escape rooms from all over Latvia, they offer a wide range of entertainment options for all ages, team sizes, and preferences.

Investor benefits and loan security

Right now, ESCAPE ROOM MAP is looking to cross national borders and establish its presence in Italy (, featuring all the best escape room genres there. However, investments in their marketing strategy, among other things, in order to get better brand recognition requires 30 000€ in capital. They have chosen TFGCROWD’s platform to get their business loan, promising their investors an annual interest rate of 12% on investment. Their generosity will be shown through monthly payouts for the duration of the loan term, which is 6 months.


The following pledges secure the loan:

·         A pledge on existing escape rooms and the company’s internet platform;

·         A pledge on the new market using funds raised via TFGCROWD;

·         A guarantee of the Borrower in writing.


It’s novel, it’s fun, and it’s popular – if you plan to invest in the promising escape room industry, ESCAPE ROOM MAP is the right choice.

Market outlook

Unless you're living in total seclusion, then you’ve probably heard of escape room adventures. Their popularity has skyrocketed – to say the least – in recent years, captivating a growing number of fans worldwide.

In the UK alone, escape rooms have enjoyed remarkable success. For £100 a pop, a group of up to six people – usually friends and family – pay to be locked inside a small room for an hour. Their goal: to put their heads together, look for clues, and solve the room’s mystery before time runs out.

But it goes beyond merely sifting through the room for artefacts and clues. Regardless of the genre, all rooms have this in common: you have to think your way out. Some rooms call for you to shine UV light on invisible ink, while some will have you crack a cypher to get your hands on another cypher to get to the next section.

Perhaps now you understand why it’s gained the status it currently has. For many people, it’s not just a way to exercise their brains; it’s a natural team-building/social activity that’s available for anybody with some change to burn. In the words of a Wilfrid Laurier professor: “We spend so much time in solitary screen-based worlds, so it is magical when people from a wide range of ages come together and solve a challenge.”

On the business side, most escape rooms are capital-efficient. They’re not worried about upkeep, considering their low pricing, popularity, and their overhead costs being limited to rent and staffing expenses. Right now, there are a couple of thousand escape rooms globally, each one distinct from the other in one way or another. The 150 escape room businesses in the UK, at the very least, collectively rake in roughly £10 mn annually. And those figures are still growing, with the number of escape rooms doubling every half a year. According to a recent Updraft article, the majority of escape rooms can return “capital 3–5 months after launch… [and] are able to generate profits that can be reinvested in expansion and product.”

The emergence and growth of escape rooms worldwide show no signs of abating. The rise in the number of escape room conferences and conventions are also indicative of the still-growing popularity of the game. It was only in 2016 that the first international convention was held in Amsterdam; not even two years later, and they’re being held in Nashville, Louisiana, and Stuttgart – all over the world. Such conventions, of late, have become popular haunts of both entrepreneurs and true fanatics and venues for exhibitions and collaborative efforts.

More recent studies point out that while the growth of escape rooms is still set to continue into the next 5 to 10 years, market saturation is already looming in the distance. When that happens, escape rooms with low production value will be left in the dust by competitors that offer better services. The solution, however, is profoundly simple. Good quality and content diversification will reinvigorate the competition, improve product quality, and carry the industry into its maturity phase in the future.

It’s basic economics: maintaining your competitive edge will ultimately set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Loan term
6 months
Interest rate
12% per year

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