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Huge Thanks Everyone

Following the immense success of the previous two crowdfunding campaigns, the company has decided to join hands with TFGcrowd once again to help them fund the next phase of their expansion journey. For those unaware, their initial campaign was fully funded at 110% of their original funding goal – in a matter of just two days! Needless to say, both loans funded during the previous two crowdfunding rounds have been successfully repaid to date.

Everyone can make a cup of coffee. But a great cup of java – now that’s a whole different story. Because no amount or quality of brewing will ever change the natural flavours present in your beans, great-tasting coffee starts with high-quality blends.

And that’s what Cofediction Coffee is all Cofediction Coffee products are made through a unique roasting process and methodical coffee selection, resulting in a truly unique taste.

Each pack comes with only premium-grade blends made from beans grown from local coffee farms from all over the world, which are imported and can be ground to your coarseness of choice. They’re packed into flavourful blends that are research-backed and connoisseur-approved, to make you a delightful cup of joy that’ll thrill your taste buds and jumpstart your day.

At the moment Cofediction Coffee comes in three delicious Arabica blends – BARIO, PACIFIC, and ORO – which feature the different flavours unique to beans grown from coffee-famous regions like Costa Rica, India, and Honduras.


Investor Benefits and Loan Security

Cofediction Coffee is once more looking to boost their working capital to allow for an expansion of their business into the US and the UAE markets by partnering with TFGcrowd to raise €128,000 in financing, with a minimum target of €256,000. For your trust and support they are offering the potential investors an annual interest rate of 24.6%, to be paid out on a monthly basis throughout the loan term of 10 months.

Interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!

The following pledges secure the loan:

  • Personal guarantee of the Borrowers’ shareholders & CEO;
  • A guarantee of the Borrower in writing 

Market Outlook

A pandemic might be raging around the world, impacting the lives of almost everyone and causing people to change their everyday habits for the foreseeable future, but one routine remains standing – the enjoyment of a quality cup of coffee.

Although the pandemic may have brought to an abrupt halt the enjoyment of premium coffees in one of the many artisan cafes around the country, it escalated the emergence of home-schooled baristas experimenting with various blends of coffee beans at the kitchen counters in the comfort of their own homes. Even before the emergence of the pandemic, consumption of coffee experienced a redefinition from a mere means of caffeination to a premium, sensual experience. There was and still is an increasing realisation amongst coffee consumers that coffee is a culinary, speciality product – comparable to craft beer and speciality foods.

According to Statista, coffee is amongst the most consumed beverages worldwide, averaging about 42.6 litres of consumed coffee per person per year and generating per person revenue of 88.41 euros. Although consumption levels are well below those of tea, which stands at roughly 85 litres of the beverage consumed per person per year, coffee is much bigger in terms of value, because more coffee powder than tea is required per litre of the beverage.

Coffee has always been a staple in the British diet. But today, it’s becoming more than just an item on the typical Brit’s breakfast. The Independent reports that Millennials, which make up 16% of Britain’s population, actually consume less coffee than Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers but are drinking more speciality coffee found in speciality coffee shops, which are often higher value.

Statista reports that coffee market has generated just over 6bn euros in 2020 with the largest segment being roast coffee and they are projecting that the market will grow at an estimated 10.5% CAGR in the years between 2020 to 2025.

Growth of the coffee market is primarily driven by the new trends in coffee consumption, such as preference for speciality coffee, iced coffee and cold brew, which are all boosting sales of the beverage.

This provides Cofediction a wealth of opportunities to grow. Their unique blends are perfectly placed to market to the increasing number of “home-baristas” for experimenting, as well as the large groups of people returning to their favourite speciality coffee places around the country.  

Meanwhile, you can have a great look at our blog full of statistics and the most amazing facts on coffee.





Loan term
10 months
Interest rate
24.6% per year