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When at Indoor Karting Race Track, do as racers do: go fast or go home.

Just 50 kilometers from the urban jungle that is London lies the site for Indoor Karting Race Track – a future paradise for true blue indoor karting connoisseurs. Indoor Karting Race Track is planned to be a modern 2,500 m2 facility dedicated to indoor karting only, promising two things: high-speed go-karts and the most electrifying indoor karting experience in all of the UK.

That’s what the people behind the facility want it to be. But at the moment, Indoor Karting Race Track exists only in paper, though plans for its construction are already underway. The idea is to have it operate as a diverse, multi-level track that offers challenges for kids and adults, as well as for new and experienced drivers alike. With proximity to bustling London, it’ll be an instant hit for families, friends, and karting rivals looking for a thrilling good time.

Its main selling point would be its model of electric karts, namely the Sodi RTX. Electric karts are known for their ability to generate much torque (20 horsepower on average) – which is all you need for an exhilarating go-kart experience – and their sheer sustainability as low-impact and zero-emission machines. This particular model, the Sodi RTX, is marketed as one of Sodikart’s high-end karts that come with a built-in power pack and clocks a torque of up to 45 horsepower – guaranteeing a fast, safe, and comfortable driving experience


You can help Indoor Karting Race Track become the number one destination for indoor kart racing in the UK by supporting their campaign today. With the prospects for this business as high as they are, it’s bound to be one of your most profitable investments yet.


Investor Benefits and Security


The people behind Indoor Karting Race Track are looking to bolster their working capital to get the business off the ground. It takes significant capital to build an indoor karting track, and they’re forced to borrow significant capital from a bank loan to help them purchase eKarts and other equipment, which will arrive in one year. In the meantime, however, they will require funding to repair and equip their building with all the amenities of a modern indoor karting track, and are looking to alternative sources of funding to help them get this underway. They have partnered with TFGcrowd toward this end, and have set the lofty goal of 200’000€, promising to reward potential backers with an interest rate of 17%. Payments will be doled out monthly over the course of the loan term, which is 8 months.

The following pledges secure the loan:

•    A pledge on DON TRADER LTD

•    Personal guarantee of the Borrowers’ shareholders & CEO

•    Guarantee of the Borrower


The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee: thus, if a borrower is late with the repayment of the loan, TFGcrowd will compensate the investors both the invested principal amount and interest, as well as pay the accrued interest after 30 days of delay.


Market Outlook

Go Karts were popular for a time during the 90s, but interest in it died soon after during the heyday of online gaming in the early 2000s. However, right now, it’s getting its second wind thanks to the innovation of the sport aptly called indoor kart racing.

This resurgence is primarily due to several technological developments that have 1) phased out gas-powered karts in favor of more environment-friendly models like eKarts; 2) enhanced the go-karting experience through innovations in speed and safety; 3) bettered accessibility across the board through cheaper pricing, enabled by lower overhead costs.

Among these reasons, the introduction of eKarts is the most prominent cause of the revival of the industry. Also known as electric karts, eKarts have effectively phased out their gas-powered counterparts, which were high-maintenance and had large carbon footprints and lower outputs across the board. The modern eKart is powered by electric motor/s and a power cell, and are therefore pollution-free and far from fire hazards associated with gas-powered engines, especially during accidents.

Among these eKarts, Sodikart’s catalog is one of the most popular lineups of karts worldwide.


Their products are noted for their high torque outputs, superior comfort, and guaranteed safety, making them one of the ideal choices for race tracks around the world.


The Sodi RTX, Indoor Karting Race Track’s model of choice, is one of their top-end models, which will be a strong selling point for the business. At present, Sodikart is considered to be a key player in the global indoor karting industry and currently has one of the largest market shares in the world.

The popularity of eKarts has led to the rise of new go-kart facilities that use eKarts exclusively, like Indoor Karting Race Track. Such facilities have been cropping up left and right in the UK, where indoor kart racing has become a mainstay mode of leisure in the past decade. It’s gained status as the safer, faster, and objectively better alternative to traditional go-kart racing, which is true considering indoor kart racing offers more perks that outdoor go-kart tracks don’t provide. Climate-controlled race tracks, safer surroundings, and, as previously mentioned, cheaper pricing are a few of such perks.

Indoor Karting Race Track’s accessibility to London customers will also be a substantial competitive edge for the business, as similar race tracks have experienced the same level of success due to their proximity to other major regions. Considering that London is a significant metropolis with the highest concentration of millennials in the UK– the primary demographic of indoor kart racing – there is no doubt that the business will enjoy a steady stream of customers, especially since it’s less than 30 minutes away from the city.

As far as the growth of the revivified go-kart industry is concerned, it’s expected to reach a market value of US$88 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 2.5% in terms of revenue over the forecast period of 2018-2022. It’s all systems go for the go-kart industry and Indoor Karting Race Track, and fast, superior returns for your investment on the business is all but guaranteed.


Loan term
8 months
Interest rate
17% per year

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