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Investor Benefits and Loan Security

The people behind Indoor Kids Playground aims to build a state-of-the-art indoor playground facility in the heart of Cambridge and requires a minimum target of 100’000€, with a total target of 200’000€ in capital to move forward with their plan. At the moment, they have already secured the 4,500 sqft. lot, which will be the site of the indoor playground. By partnering with TFGcrowd, they seek to raise their target amount and proceed with the construction of the facility itself. In return for your trust, the company is committed to giving a sizeable 18.3% interest rate, to be paid out over the course of its 6-month loan term.

Interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!

The following pledges secure the loan:
•    A pledge on the company
•    A personal guarantee of the Borrower’s Shareholders & CEO
•    A Guarantee of the Borrower

The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee: thus, if a borrower is late with the repayment of the loan, TFGcrowd will compensate the investors both the invested principal amount and interest, as well as pay the accrued interest after 60 days of delay.

Indoor Kids Playground seeks to capitalise on the city’s growing 18 and under population and take advantage of cultural and social trends in the UK that lend to more family-oriented activities. A simple concept with a significant social impact – that’s what Indoor Kids Playground is all about. And with your help, you can turn this splash into an unstoppable wave that transforms a culture – and grow financially while you’re at it.


Invest in Indoor Kids Playground

Indoor Kids Playground has the potential to be a pivotal addition to the university city’s standing infrastructure. Indoor Kids Playground is planned to be a 4,500 square feet facility dedicated solely to the enjoyment of children from all over Cambridgeshire and the UK, and – if everything goes well on the funding front – will come equipped with all the amenities of your modern-day indoor playground, and then some.

Indoor Kids Playground aims to be a premier play and recreation destination for families in Cambridge looking for a fun place to spend quality time with their children. Around 20% of Cambridge households area families with children, and by going forward with this facility the company seeks to provide a venue where these kids can engage in active play and interact with other children, and so ensure their proper social and physical development.

The best part about it? It’s indoors, which means your kids can get the physical and social activity they need in a controlled environment, far from the harms and discomforts of conventional outdoors playgrounds.

Conveniently located at one of the city’s most populated areas, Indoor Kids Playground can be one of Cambridge’s top playdate destinations – and you can make that happen. Invest today and help make the city kid-friendlier, one playground at a time.


Market Outlook


Cambridge is a city known for such prestigious higher learning institutions such as University of Cambridge and Downing University. The majority of its citizens are university students and staff as such, and it has been this way since the Cambridgeshire county town first earned its status as one of the country’s premier university cities centuries ago.
And yet it is also home to a growing community of families with children, as the most recent UK census suggests. The data states that around 19% of the population in 2018 are children 0-17 years of age, which is slightly up from the 2011 numbers of 18.4%. The fact is that the city has always had a substantial portion of citizens who are in their early stages of social and physical development. The question is, is the city equipped with enough infrastructure to cater to such needs?

It is no secret that the city’s thrusts are in line with its status as a university city and that the majority of its infrastructure is commercial and educational in nature. As such, there aren’t as many facilities dedicated to the improvement of children apart from government agencies in the city, which is concerning in light of recent social trends. A recent Independent article covered a new study that reports how young children in the UK are looking at screens more than they play outside.

The study found that children are engaging less and less in real play, which is crucial in developing their social and physical abilities early on. “Research has long shown that real play has essential roles in the balanced development of all children and young people,” the article goes on to say.
The children of Cambridge are by no means exempt from this trend, especially since they live in the technological hub of Cambridgeshire. That means it should be a political and social interest under this current cultural milieu to add to the city’s ability to address the needs of developing children. One way this could be done is by encouraging the establishment of venues like Indoor Kids Playground, where children could engage in real play in a controlled and safe environment.

Soft play areas like Indoor Kids Playground allow for excellent bonding opportunities with parents and children (from toddlers to pre-teens). And more importantly, they create great occasions for children to interact with their peers. This allows them to develop social, mental and emotional skills that could be stunted otherwise by decreased interactions due to excessive screen time. What’s more, these soft play areas allow them the exercise and physical activity they need without the risk of serious injury.

While the issue of excessive screentime is ultimately for Cambridge parents to address, the establishment of facilities like Indoor Kids Playground is an excellent start toward curbing the present cultural tendencies that might debilitate children in the future



Loan term
6 months
Interest rate
18.3% per year

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