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Everyone knows that if you want authentic Turkish cuisine in Cambridge, BBQ Grill N Bar is the place to be.

BBQ Grill N Bar serves regional and time-honoured Turkish and Mediterranean dishes like their succulent chicken shish, delectable adana kebab, and other mouth-watering culinary gems. They also serve popular renditions of popular cuisines like pastas and salads – every item as delicious as they are affordable.

BBQ Grill N Bar is famous for sticking to the Old World tradition of grilled meats slowly cooked over red hot coals and out in the open air – a commitment that has earned them loyal customers from all around the city.

Since its founding in 2018, BBQ Grill N Bar has been the go-to restaurant for students, families, and lovers to enjoy great grilled food and have a great time. It’s strategically located at the heart of a busy intersection near such notable commercial spaces as Microsoft and Amazon and is accessible to nearby student accommodations, making it the favourite haunt of students, workers, and tourists all the year round.

If you’re a fan of good food and stellar service, you’re sure to find all that you need at BBQ Grill N Bar.


Investor Benefits and Loan Security

At the moment, BBQ Grill N Bar is looking into space improvements that will help them better serve their customers and keep up with the growing demand for their delicious food. Specifically, they are looking to build a terrace where they can place more tables and seats and so attract more customers – to make their great dining experience even greater. They’re also planning on purchasing new furniture and equipment to help them improve their location and their service. They have partnered with TFGCrowd in hopes of raising 35 000€ in capital, promising all potential investors an annual interest rate of 17%. In return for their trust, they have promised monthly payouts throughout the loan term of 12 months.


The following pledges secure the loan:

·         A pledge on BBQ Grill N Bar

·         Personal guarantee of the Borrowers’ shareholders & CEO

·         Guarantee of the Borrower


If you’re looking to invest on a fast-growing restaurant that sees a lot of business, BBQ Grill N Bar is a prime choice. With your help, you can make BBQ Grill N Bar one of the best restaurants in Cambridge and in the UK.


Market Outlook

With a population of 150,000 and home to the prestigious Cambridge University, the City of Cambridge is a melting pot that has drawn people of different cultures from all over the world. In fact, cultural diversity has always been a matter of course for its many denizens, and with that comes a rich diversity in popular tastes.

It’s no wonder that there is such a steady demand for toothsome piquant, exotic and multicultural dishes in this big city, making the existence of rustic restaurants like BBQ Grill N Bar both a possibility and a necessity. BBQ Grill N Bar brings a slice of Turkish home-grown recipes to the City of Cambridge, and has been doing so since its establishment in 2018.

Nestled between the always bustling Brookgate Station and the picturesque neighbourhood of Brooklands Avenue, the restaurant has seen phenomenal growth since it opened its doors, thanks to the patronage of its loyal customers.

“It’s exactly how my mother used to make them,” says Elif Watts, a local and a second-generation immigrant, referring to the restaurant’s famous adana kebabs. “It’s also the best place in the neighbourhood for scrumptious eats. I especially enjoy the place’s ambiance. I get dinner here with my wife all the time.”

It’s not an understatement to say that business has been booming for BBQ Grill N Bar due to its great food and strategic location. Since 2018, the place has been regularly frequented by students and office workers who get off at the station, and by families that live near or on Brooklands Avenue, guaranteeing an almost constant flow of customers – the primary reason for the proposed expansion – and, more importantly, a consistent stream of revenue.

There is also the constant stream of tourists that pass by the area after visiting the Botanic Garden, especially during the summer and Christmastime. If trends continue, BBQ Grill N Bar is set to see more success in the near future – at least, more than it already enjoys.


The people loves BBQ Grill N Bar

Loan term
12 months
Interest rate
17% per year

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