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In Germany, the anglers have a saying: “if the fishing bug bites you, Fanatik’s baits and lures will never fail you.”

Fanatik is your one-stop shop for high-quality fishing lures and tackle. The company specialises in manufacturing soft plastic baits, but also offers an extensive line of other fishing equipment, including industry-grade carabiner clips and fishing lines. It was founded by none other than fishing legend Iurii Petrash, who personally oversees and tests the quality of each item.

Fanatik’s baits and lures have blown up in popularity in recent years. Easy to use and effective as they come, they have helped recreational fishers from all over the country capture some of their finest catches and bag up during the fishing season. Their secret? Realistic-looking soft baits that can lure even the craftiest predator fish.

As many experienced anglers have proved for themselves, Fanatik’s crankbaits are just as effective as the acclaimed Japanese variety of soft baits. The only difference is that they don’t cost as much: if you’re not as seasoned a fisher yet, it’s not as heart-wrenching to lose a Fanatik bait when your catch gets away.

Fanatik’s baits have been recognised across Germany as the most cost-effective alternatives for people looking to experience all the thrills of high-quality angling without the exorbitant price tag that usually accompanies it.


If you’re looking to reel in profitable returns from the German fishing equipment market, an investment in Fanatik is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Investor Benefits and Loan Security


Right now, Fanatik is looking to increase its current working capital to bolster its operations. Research and development, as well as shipping and fulfilment improvements, are some of their top considerations. They are looking to raise 45,000€ toward these ends, and are confident that partnering up with TFGcrowd can help them meet this goal. For their generosity, they are willing to reward all backers with an annual interest rate of 15%, which will be paid monthly over the course of the loan term of eight months.


The following pledges secure the loan:

•    A pledge on IC-Connect UG

•    Personal guarantee of the Borrowers’ shareholders & CEO

•    Guarantee of the Borrower


The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee: thus, if a borrower is late with the repayment of the loan, TFGcrowd will compensate the investors both the invested principal amount and interest, as well as pay the accrued interest after 30 days of delay.


A popular product, an established consumer base, a growing company – all of these point to rewarding equities that could be yours if you invest today.


Market Outlook


Since it opened its digital doors in 2019, Fanatik soft plastic baits have consistently grown as a staple among angling hobbyists and sports fishers. Their baits and lures have been the subject of many YouTube reviews and online fishing blogs and forums, all noting their effectiveness for catching predatory and non-predatory fish. Now a growth-stage company, Fanatik has online stores catering to at least five different countries, and there is no shortage of demand when it comes to their high-quality crankbaits.

Fanatik’s soft plastic baits are often compared to Japanese crankbaits due to their effectiveness and realistic make. Lightweight and lifelike, JDM brands like Megabass and Daiwa have grown big by cutting into overseas tackle markets. That being said, part of Fanatik’s success is that it cuts into the JDM market by offering a cheaper alternative that’s just as efficient, if not more so.

Their primarily digital presence is also to thank for their comfortable market share in the global sports fishing equipment industry. This has enabled the company to make its lures available beyond Germany, which has guaranteed its fast and steady growth in recent years. As an effective and cost-effective option, Fanatik baits are set to be the next big thing, readily available to recreational fishers from all walks of life with access to the Internet.

This couldn’t be more opportune for the company in light of the healthy market growth experienced by the global sports fishing equipment industry in the past five years. According to a recent report, the American market – one of Fanatik’s target markets – held the largest share in 2016 at 36.7%, with Europe following closely and China keeping the highest growth rate. The global sports fishing equipment industry itself is set to grow at a steady CAGR of 2.7% over the course of the next five years, with revenue projections reaching up to 17,300 million USD by 2023 – a massive leap from its 14,800 million USD figure in 2017.


Loan term
8 months
Interest rate
15% per year

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