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Investor Benefits and Loan Security

Edeland GmbH is one of the logistics companies signing contracts with European countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Georgia and etc. Companies management has the 25-year of experience and they have succeeded to gain the trust of their customers during this period. The company has fulfilled all the demands of customers and assisted them in finding the most suitable ways even in difficult situations.
Edeland GmbH looking to expand its delivery capabilities to accommodate the growing demand for its services. At this point, they are looking into investing in new delivery equipment like electric cars, which drastically improve their ability to deliver while minimizing their impact on the environment. For this, they wish to raise a minimum target of € 100'000, with a total target goal of € 150'000 to fund their planned investment for new hybrid and electric vehicles to bolster their strategic capacity. For your trust, they're willing to reward potential investors with an annual interest rate of 17,9%, to be paid out monthly throughout the loan term of 12 months.

Interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!

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• A pledge on Edeland GmbH;

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• A guarantee of the Borrower in writing

The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee: thus, if a borrower is late with the repayment of the loan, TFGcrowd will compensate the investors both the invested principal amount and interest, as well as pay the accrued interest after 60 days of delay.

Invest in EDELAND Logistics & Transporation company

At a time where you can buy anything that your heart desires on the internet, there is nothing more heart-breaking than late and lost parcels.

And yet it's a horror story realized all too often, and not through any fault of online shoppers. Most times, it's inefficient and unreliable logistics partners that are to blame.

Outdated SOPs. Lack of planning. Poor transport equipment. Unmotivated employees. There are a host of culture and process factors like these in many parcel delivery services today that adds to the growing toll of delayed, lost, and damaged parcels worldwide. Such irresponsible business practices have hurt more than online shoppers, having damaged the reputation and bottom-line of many sellers and e-commerce companies foolish enough to partner with second-rate logistic services.

Edeland GmbH has gathered a team ensuring a customer-tailored approach and has taken into account the specificity of cargos through transportation. From the embarkation of cargos to the debarkation of them in the target destination, the company controls them and take responsibility for their completeness and safety. One of the key advantages of the company is the transportation of cargos of any type and size. Edeland performs transportation of cargos from 1 to 25 tons.

Edeland GmbH is an ambitious german company that aims to provide fast and reliable parcel delivery and transport services to the people of the city. Thanks to their extensive experience and knowledge, the team performs the most complex transportations. One of the important factors influencing the work progress is the working ability of personnel and their approach to their jobs. Edeland has professional and specialized personnel treating their jobs with responsibility.  Established by a group of passionate experts with decades of experience in the delivery and transport business, it offers the expertise, equipment, and the logistical capacity to ensure timely and safe deliveries anywhere in Berlin.

Edeland GmbH has already gained the trust of customers and business partners alike through such innovative process improvements like backup cars, incentivizing courier punctuality, and software integration.

Their goal is to increase its scale in two years to cover all of Germany and not just Berlin. And with the rate that they're growing, that's not at all an impossibility?

Who knows? You might be looking at the next major player in German logistics. Why not cover your bases, invest in them today, and earn profitable margins from a high-demand, high-growth industry while you're at it?


Market Outlook

As online shopping continues to impact and reshape the modern commercial landscape, consumer expectations about shipping and fulfillment are also beginning to evolve. Today, where most eCommerce transactions require a logistics service of some kind, fast, cheap, and reliable deliveries have become the new norm, and the ability of eCommerce and logistics companies to adapt to this new world makes all the difference about their survival.

But it isn't as easy as delivering parcels from Point A to Point B. There are a plethora of factors involved in parcel transport that need to be addressed before you even get to the delivery process, and often the in-house resources of eCommerce and logistics companies are under immense strain due to the sheer load of transactions they have to fulfill.

Faced with such circumstances, outsourcing has become the standard answer of many of these eCommerce and logistics companies, which is precisely why third-party logistics (3PL) services have surged in relevancy these past few years. Whether it's packaging, warehousing, fulfillment or distribution, 3PLs have thrived under the steady demand wrought by online shopping as a trend and modern consumer expectations.

And there is no shortage on the demand side. The global 3PL industry was recently forecasted to reach USD 1.3 tn in 2024 in a recent survey, which cited phenomenal growth in merchandise trade volume worldwide as the reason. In Europe, the same trends have been observed, where the regional forecast places the industry at USD 26 bn by 2022, under a CAGR of 2.38%.

The reports also forecasted more significant fragmentation in the market as newer players enter the industry in the coming years. Specialized and more local in operation, these new players are in a position to innovate existing practices and saturate their target areas due to their smaller scale.

Edeland GmbH is one such company that seeks to make a difference in Berlin through its unique company structure and an innovative business model that emphasizes timely coordinated deliveries.

The company has everything mapped out: backup cars to circumvent traffic delays and software integration to the delivery process, which allows for easier tracking and more effective communications. Its plan to move forward with the purchase of electric trucks is also set to benefit from new local government regulations that will provide subsidies to purchasers of plug-in hybrids, which means greater equity for potential investors.

As far as opportunities, Edeland has several things going for it. Berlin, for one, is a central focal point when it comes to European freight flows, and has more freight haulage centers than anywhere in all of Germany. It's one of the region's biggest logistics hubs, which means that Edeland is in a good position when it comes to securing and managing their demand-side platforms (DSPs). That being said, major eCommerce players like Amazon have recently set up warehouses in Berlin and is soon to be joined by another e-commerce giant, Alibaba. Edeland's goal right now is to be able to partner up with these major companies and manage their DSPs.


Loan term
12 months
Interest rate
17.9% per year

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