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Invest in IWardrobes!

Awkward spaces? Cluttered storage? IWardrobes' fitted storage solutions can turn even the messiest war room into a spacious bedroom that's truly tailored to your needs.
Bedrooms are intimate spaces. You spend a great deal of time in them, but they aren't always the most spacious rooms in your home, which means they are prone to clutter. Depending on your room, you may not have the ability to tidy it up to the way you want it. That's where IWardrobes comes in.

IWardrobes is London's finest made-to-measure fitted storage company – and that's an understatement. They are makers of quality spray-painted wardrobes, walk-in closets and other bedroom fittings which are truly tailor-made to each space.

Unlike most so-called fitted storage companies, they do not stock on pre-made closets and don't limit customer choices to a particular range. Instead, they let you design your wardrobe's make, size, and finish alongside certified and seasoned design professionals, and all according to your space requirements and personal needs. Their fitted wardrobes are also built from floor to ceiling, which maximizes space and guarantees a 100% perfect fit – 100% of the time.
Since setting up shop in 2011, they have made countless bespoke wardrobes that have made many cramped bedrooms across the UK more spacious, less cluttered, and more aesthetically pleasing. With more than ten thousand followers across social media, IWardrobes has grown into one of the country's most sought-after fitted storage companies.
If it's custom-fit wardrobes and tailor-made furniture for your bedroom that you're looking for, you can't go wrong with IWardrobes.

Investor Benefits and Loan Security

IWardrobes is currently looking to bolster its working capital and has partnered with TFG Crowd toward that end. Specifically, they are looking to increase their ability to advertise beyond social media marketing, which is their sole means of advertising at the moment. That said, they are looking to generate 60'000€, and are willing to reward potential investors with an annual interest rate of 15%. For their generosity, all backers will be repaid monthly over the course of the loan term of 12 months.

The following pledges secure the loan:

•    A pledge on IWardrobes company;

•    Personal guarantee of the Borrowers’ shareholders & CEO;

•    A guarantee of the Borrower in writing


The loan is offered with the BuyBack Guarantee: thus, if a borrower is late with the repayment of the loan, TFGCROWD will compensate the investors both the invested principal amount and interest, as well as pay the accrued interest after 30 days of delay.

If you're looking to make a profitable investment in a growth-stage company in the middle of a booming industry, IWardrobes is the worthiest investment you can make today.


Market Outlook

London is home to nearly 9 million people, which accounts for around 6% of its current population. There's much to be said about the positive effects of such a high population density to the city's pool of workers, though the fact that this has made the city at least 18 times more overcrowded than the rest of the UK is no secret. With as much as 5000 people crammed into every square kilometer of the capital most of the day, this hardly comes as a surprise.
For some time now, overcrowding has had a significant impact on London's central planning efforts, among other things, and has caused it to be more gentrified than any other UK city. Moreover, this change came another, namely the decline in the number of spacious living spaces available. This is not helped by the fact that most UK homes are not spacious, to begin with. A recent report from the ONS stated that UK homes are smaller than their counterparts in the rest of Europe, with floor areas averaging at 104 meters squared – 2/5 the size of a tennis court. Considering that new regulations require that a bedroom used by two adults be sized 10.22 meters squared at least, cramped living spaces are increasingly becoming a common sight in the country, especially in London.
The most common response from homeowners and landlords thus far has been to maximize space by way of fitted furniture. When done right, fitted furniture easily doubles the space of a particular room and declutters it by increasing storage space, which is invaluable to UK bedrooms that are smaller by EU standards. The increasing demand for bespoke fitted storage services like IWardrobes is nowhere more evident than in its steady growth as a segment, in contrast to the rest of the country's slowing bedroom furniture industry.
According to a recent report from AMA Research, growth has remained positive for the bedroom furniture sector in 2017, but it has done so at a significantly slower rate. It points to imports from China as the primary culprit for this slowed growth, where "low-cost imports [of freestanding furniture] from the Far East and Eastern Europe within the furniture sector has driven down prices and margins in most sectors of the market," most of which come from China.  
The only reason, it notes, that the bedroom furniture industry continues to have positive growth is because current space constraints in the country have made fitted furniture a prevalent option, where "the majority of fitted furniture is manufactured in the UK" it reads.
"Growth in the bedroom furniture market has been supported by increased sales of fitted furniture, particularly within the sliding wardrobe doors sector. Storage is another growth sector, since space within the average UK home remains limited, particularly in the bedroom. This lack of space has resulted in the growing popularity of sliding wardrobe door systems. Modular furniture continues to be popular, and the trend towards smaller houses and households is likely to sustain this trend, as demand for clever storage solutions continues to grow."
Demand for fitted storage services like IWardrobes is set to continue, even as current trends are set to continue or escalate over the course of the next few years.


Loan term
12 months
Interest rate
15% per year

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