Auto Invest Terms

1. What is Auto Invest

1.1. Auto Invest is an automated tool for easily and quickly creating an investment portfolio via the Portal[1]. The Auto Invest function will dramatically reduce the time it takes Users to make declarations of intent to lend funds as well as to buy claim rights arising from invoices (invoice financing).

1.2. By starting to use Auto Invest, the User grants the Portal Operator the right to issue loans on their behalf via the Auto Invest function pursuant to parameters the User has chosen in their investment strategy. When Auto Invest makes an investment, a loan agreement will be concluded by Auto Invest on behalf of the User. This agreement will be visible under documents. Auto Invest will act according to the parameters chosen by the User (‘the investment strategy’) via their Account. Depending on the project, the Portal Operator may restrict the use of some parameters.

1.3. After creating an investment strategy via Auto Invest, the User will only need to ensure that there are sufficient funds on their User Account and Auto Invest will take care of investing. Auto Invest will only make investments in the amount of funds available. If there are no funds to invest, Auto Invest will not make any investment orders.

1.4. There are no fees specifically associated with using Auto Invest.

1.5. Investment strategies created via Auto Invest apply to the User Account in relation to which they are created.

2. How to start using Auto Invest

2.1. Log on to your account and go to the 'Auto Invest' section of the Portal. In the 'Auto Invest' section, you will have the opportunity to create automated investment strategies, as well as view the list of created strategies and information about invested funds.

2.2. When you enter the 'Auto Invest' section of the Portal, you will have the chance to read a description of Auto Invest, including an explanation about the consequences that the use of Auto Invest may entail. To start the use of Auto Invest, you will have to confirm that you have understood the possible consequences that the use of Auto Invest may entail.

2.3. Once you have accepted the Auto Invest Terms, you will see that a default Auto Invest strategy has been created under “My Strategies”, which has been activated. You can choose to deactivate this strategy at any time.

2.4. To create additional investment strategies, click on 'Create a new investment strategy’.

3. How to create investment strategies in Auto Invest

3.1. The User who wishes to use Auto Invest will choose, at their own discretion, the parameters according to which they would like to enter into a loan agreement. The User will confirm the choice of the parameters pursuant to the procedure provided for in section 3 below. The Portal Operator will have the right, inter alia, to establish a minimum permitted investment amount when using Auto Invest, in which case it is not possible to invest a smaller amount.

3.2. In order to enter into loan agreements via Auto Invest, the User must hold sufficient funds in their User Account that allow the entry into loan agreements pursuant to the parameters chosen by the User.

3.3. Auto Invest lets the User define specific parameters, according to which investments are made. These parameters include:

3.3.1. the name of the investment strategy;
3.3.2. start and end dates for the strategy (optional – strategies can also be without term);
3.3.3. total amount available for automated investing:
               - this amount may exceed the amount of funds available on the User’s Account, in which case the strategy can be activated only after sufficient funds are transferred to the User Account;
               - after activating the strategy this amount will be recalculated in real time and reduced by the total amount of automated investments made with the User’s funds;

3.3.4. the maximum amount that may be invested per loan request (project) via Auto Invest:
               - must be a multiple of 10 EUR;
               - optional - the amount can also be set as unlimited, in which case the only limit is the total available amount set out in section 3.3.3. above;
               - the minimum permitted investment amount will be set by the Portal Operator;

3.3.5. country of origin for projects to be invested in:
               - selected from a predefined list of countries;
               - multiple (or all) countries can be selected;

3.3.6. expected interest rate, under which the User is ready to invest funds (this is completed by dragging a slider - range 0% to 25%, step 1%);
3.3.7. acceptable investment term (in months) (this is completed by dragging a slider - range 1 to 24 months, step 1 month);
3.3.8. investment type (loan / invoice financing / both)

3.4. The User can create an unlimited number of investment strategies per User Account, each with different parameters. The User can change the priority of the investment strategies. Within a single strategy, the Auto Invest function will allow automated investment of funds only once per project.

3.5. After the User has defined all non-optional parameters of the investment strategy and saved the strategy by clicking ‘Save’, the strategy can be activated.

3.6. All investment strategies created by the User will be displayed in the form of a list in the ‘Auto Invest’ section of the Portal. The following options will be available to the User in the list of strategies:

3.6.1. creating new strategies;
3.6.2. activating/deactivating strategies.

3.7. After the User has activated a strategy, i.e. after the Portal has received a declaration of intent to lend funds from the User via Auto Invest, the Auto Invest function of the Portal will dispose of the funds in the User’s Account in the amount set via Auto Invest in accordance with the procedure described in the Portal’s Terms of Service and these Auto Invest Terms.

3.8. All activated investment strategies will take effect 1 hour after activation. When a new project is added to the Portal, the opportunity for automated investment into the project will become available 1 hour after the project becomes active.

3.9. When a new project is added to the Portal, Auto Invest will generate a list of investment strategies created by Users that will be applicable to that project. The list will take into account their User status as well as the total amount of funds they have available for automated investing. Based on the list, Auto Invest will determine who will be able to invest in the project and to what extent.

3.10. Auto Invest will use the following order of priority when generating the list:

a) the highest priority will be assigned to investment strategies created by Users with ‘Premium User’ status;
b) the rest of the investment strategies will be prioritised based on the total balance of funds available on their respective User Accounts, starting from the largest amount and ending with the smallest;
c) if two users have equal balances of funds on their User Accounts, priority will be given to the User, who has registered in the Portal earlier (e.g. a user, who has registered in the Portal on 01st January 2019 will be given priority over a user, who has registered in the Portal on 01st January, 2020);
d) priority of projects to invest in (if all other parameters are equal) will be established on the basis of which project has opened to investors earlier (e.g. a project which has opened to investors on 01st September 2020 will be given priority over a project, which was opened to investors on 15th September 2020).

3.11. The User can, via their User Account and at any time, obtain an overview of the loan agreements entered into via Auto Invest and the related disposal of the funds in their User Account. The following data will be presented to the User: the date of the investment, the project in which the investment was made, the investment amount and the loan agreement.

3.12. The User can, via their User Account and at any time, view data on completed investment strategies.

 4. How to disable, delete or edit investment strategies in Auto Invest

4.1. Users may, at any time, turn on, temporarily suspend, turn off or change the parameters of the investment strategies they have created in Auto Invest. Any changes made to investment strategies will only be applicable to future investments.

4.2. To disable, delete or edit investment strategies, log on to your account and in the 'Auto Invest' section of the Portal, click on one of the following choices:

4.2.1. ‘Disable strategy’ – by disabling a strategy no new investments shall be made under such strategy, but disabling a strategy will not affect investments which have already been made; a strategy that has been disabled can be edited at any time by clicking on ‘Edit strategy parameters’ and reactivated by clicking on 'Activate strategy'.
4.2.2. ‘Delete strategy’ - it is possible to delete only those strategies for which there are no currently active automated investments. If there is at least 1 currently active automated investment for a strategy, the strategy cannot be deleted.
4.2.3. ‘Edit strategy parameters’ – this option will be available only for strategies that have not been activated and for which there are no currently active automated investments. In all other cases, it will not be possible to edit the parameters of a strategy.

4.3. In addition to manually disabling investment strategies, they can also be inactive automatically by the Auto Invest function in case a) the total amount available for automated investing is less than the minimum investment amount per project permitted by Auto Invest; or b) the end date for the strategy passes and the strategy expires.

5. Disclaimers

5.1. The provision of the opportunity to use Auto Invest via the Portal will not in any way constitute any counselling of the Users or provision of advice to the Users in any form by the Portal or the Portal Operator in respect of the loans and the loan requests on the Portal. The Portal Operator will not be liable for any loss that the User has incurred or may incur upon using the Portal or the services offered by it, including when using Auto Invest.

5.2. The Portal Operator will have the right to stop or cease offering a function that allows Auto Invest at any time at Portal Operator’s own discretion. The Portal Operator may also selectively restrict the use of the function that allows Auto Invest, for example by disabling this function for Users from specific countries.


[1] The capitalised terms used herein have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Service of the website and its subpages (i.e. the “Portal”) operated by TFGCROWD OÜ, registered in Estonia with registration code 14278391 (i.e. the „Portal Operator“). Matters not regulated by these terms of Auto Invest shall be governed by the said Terms of Service.