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To protect the interests of our investors, 2% of each project funded through the TFGcrowd platform (except for loans Guaranteed by Guarantor) goes towards the TFG Buyback Guarantee Fund. These funds are kept in a separate, segregated account, which was specifically opened for this purpose and will be used in case any of the borrowers of the projects open for investments on our platform (except for loans Guaranteed by Guarantor) default (meaning a borrower misses the repayment deadline of the particular loan by more than 60 days).

Buyback Guarantee extra

In addition to the Buyback Guarantee available to our investors, in case any of the borrowers of the projects open for investments on our platform default by 31st December 2020 (meaning a borrower misses the repayment deadline of the particular loan by more than 60 days), TFGcrowd will secure repayment of the nominal value of the outstanding loan plus accrued interest income. All investors will be compensated proportionately to their investments in a particular project. Here is how the Buyback Guarantee Extra is secured:
Un-listed Additional Guarantees

Not every company, especially a new one has sufficient assets that can serve as a collateral. As at this stage of our business development we are extra cautious about offering the safest possible investments to the investors, in such cases, we take into account the personal solvency of the owner of the company or the guarantor – their existing assets, such as movable and immovable property. Because this is a third-party guarantee, we are unable to list it on our site, but the guarantee agreement is signed by the relevant parties, and the collateral exists.
Own Investments

We believe in the companies and the projects looking to raise finance through our platform so much, that we invest our own funds in them as well, therefore sharing any of the risks with all of the other investors making investments in them through our platform.
The Finance Group Limited
Company number 09595951

The Finance Group Limited also invests in the companies and projects listed on our platform. In such cases, The Finance Group Limited purchases shares in the relevant company or establishes a wholly-owned new company specifically designed for a particular project. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see The Finance Group Limited or its subsidiaries as the whole or part owners of any of the projects/companies listed on our platform, as this is done to ensure safer investments for all parties.

In light of all of the above, we have taken all the possible precautions to make sure that we will be able to recoup your and our investments and will not lose money. In the unlikely event that any one of the borrowers default, the funds to cover their debts and interest to investors will only be needed temporarily and we stand ready to provide these via The Finance Group Limited. For that reason and for your safety The Finance Group Limited has recently increased its share capital from EUR 500’000.00 to EUR 700’000.00.

Guaranteed by Guarantor

When you see that a certain loan on the TFGcrowd platform is Guaranteed by Guarantor, it means that, if the loan repayments on this particular loan are delayed by more than 60 days, the respective Guarantor will step in and repay the relevant loan together with accrued interest by buying back the investor claims (including accrued interest) on the respective loan.

Each loan of this type is guaranteed by its own Guarantor. One Guarantor may, at the same time, guarantee numerous loans on the platform. When only partial loan repayment is made by a Guarantor, claims will be bought back proportionately.

When a loan is guaranteed by a Guarantor, other buyback guarantees do not apply (i.e. these types of loans are not secured by TFGcrowd’s Buyback Fund and Buyback Guarantee Extra). TFGcrowd is not a Guarantor of any of the loans Guaranteed by Guarantor and does not bear any financial or other liability if repayment of the loans or interest is delayed or not paid.